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Sustainable Poultry Production: Broilers and Breeders 

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Poultry remains a critical in-demand protein source as the global population continues to grow. As the need to produce safe, quality chicken increases, conversations about sustainability are making their way to the forefront. Consumers desire a sustainably sourced product that is raised ethically. As the industry continues to explore sustainable options for poultry production and management, implementing solutions that drive animal efficiency, enhance poultry welfare and sustainability will be key to linking sustainability and profitability together. 

Balancing Sustainability with Poultry Production and Management Demands

It’s often thought that productivity and sustainability work against each other. In reality, sustainable practices create an opportunity for optimizing productivity, which enriches the social, environmental and economic fabric of the communities that constitute the poultry industry. 

For social sustainability, broiler and breeder operations need to provide enough high-quality, safe protein to feed the population. The poultry industry should also consistently provide a dependable product, through a supply chain that works more efficiently with less disruptions. 

To preserve the environment, poultry production systems also need to focus on managing waste and using less water, land and energy resources. With a more efficient system, birds can more easily utilize inputs and help us be better environmental stewards. 

We know an efficient system cannot be maintained if it is not profitable. That is why economic sustainability also needs to be considered. Sustainable solutions need to promote continuous improvements that lead to both economic growth and a responsible impact on animals’ and people’s health and wellbeing. 

Finally, as we work to implement more efficient and profitable systems, the wellbeing of the birds needs to remain a priority. If poultry welfare standards are not met, broilers and breeders can become less productive and produce an end-product that does not meet consumer expectations.  

How can we ensure that broiler and breeder operations continue to advance in a way that promotes sustainability and contributes to a better return on investment? We need to focus on optimizing management systems for poultry productivity. 

Optimizing Poultry Production Systems for Greater Sustainability with Zinpro®

Using less resources, improving production and producing less waste translates to better profitability for broiler and breeder operations. The Zinpro team partners with producers to create a more efficient system that encourages poultry sustainability and thereby positively impacts bird health, welfare and performance. 


With the right organic trace minerals for poultry production, you can equip birds to be more efficient without sacrificing health and wellbeing. When fully replacing inorganic trace minerals in broiler diets, Zinpro® Performance Minerals® improve sustainability by: 

  • Reducing fecal excretion of Zn, Mn and Cu by an average of 33, 49 and 65%, respectively. 

Alongside these environmental benefits, broilers and breeders can be more productive with less mineral input. Supplementing with reduced levels of a more bioavailable source of trace minerals can improve performance with: 

Broilers  Breeders 
Sustainable Production and Profitability
  • Improved feed conversion rate by up to 2.7 points
  • Improved carcass yield by 0.9%
  • Improved breast meat yield by 0.9%

Health, Welfare and Livability
  • Maintained strong bird health without negative impacts to livability
  • Decreased incidence of mild footpad dermatitis by 71% and increased the normal footpad by 7%
Sustainable Production and Profitability
  • Increased hatchability of set and of fertile eggs by 0.7%
  • Increased chicks per hen housed produced by an average of 9.8%
Health, Welfare and Livability
  • Reduced embryo mortality by 0.5%

Tools to Support Your Sustainability Efforts 

To make sure poultry sustainability and productivity can be maintained, benchmarking production and identifying opportunities is critical. Using innovative tools, the Zinpro team helps create and monitor progress toward sustainability goals. 

Broilers Breeders 
Zinpro® Perfect Carcass® Tool: As producers manage the balance of high-performing broilers with production costs and labor issues, the ability to accurately assess carcass defects is key to preventing financial losses. Zinpro Perfect Carcass Tool lets you evaluate carcass lesions to protect profitability, identify health obstacles and ensure that welfare standards are being met. Use this data to identify areas of improvement for better product quality and less carcass waste at the processing plant. Zinpro® BlueBox™: Evaluate eggshell translucency to gauge operational success, benchmark flock wellbeing and performance and identify opportunities for stronger return on investment. Use this data to better understand egg quality and embryo development and hatch stronger, healthier broiler chicks.  
Broilers and Breeders 
Zinpro® Global Poultry Mineral Guide: Customize trace mineral recommendations to every flock’s specific needs and tailor trace mineral inclusions for maximum sustainability in the starter, grower and finisher stages.  Zinpro® First Line of Defense™: Help reduce pathogen risk for healthier, more productive birds and a safer end-product. A safer food supply means less food waste at the processing plant and beyond.  

Support Poultry Sustainability

Poultry sustainability is key to optimizing your broiler and breeder production. Implementing proven nutrition, solutions and innovative methods of measurement, our poultry team helps you manage your operation in a sustainable and profitable way. Connect with a Zinpro poultry team member to learn more. 


How do Zinpro Performance Minerals encourage broiler and breeder sustainability? 

Zinpro Performance Minerals is the only trace mineral solution that utilizes a unique path of absorption for improved mineral uptake. This allows birds to have greater performance with less trace mineral inputs. 

Why is it important for poultry operations to focus on sustainability? 

Implementing the right sustainable practices can improve performance, profitability and welfare. Feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals, broilers and breeders more efficiently utilize and excrete less minerals into the environment while having improved yield. 

Does Zinpro only support sustainability on broiler and breeder operations? 

No. Zinpro works with all poultry to improve performance and sustainability.  

How can Zinpro help my operation to support sustainability? 

Our team works alongside you to understand your unique business goals and identify opportunities for greater sustainability, welfare and productivity. Connect with a poultry team member.