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Trace mineral supplementation is critical to ensure that an animal’s diet is equipped to support optimal performance. But not all trace minerals are created equal. There are plenty of choices out there, and Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are the right choice for the health and wellbeing of your animals.

Zinpro Performance Minerals Are a Category of Their Own

Traditional inorganic minerals and other organic minerals have limits. That’s why at Zinpro®, we’ve created a new category of Zinpro Performance Minerals designed to push beyond those limits by binding one specific soluble metal (such as zinc, copper, or manganese) to an amino acid to improve uptake, maximize absorption, and ensure your animals are getting everything they need from their nutrition. Other minerals simply can’t compete.

A Unique Pathway to Absorption

Zinpro Performance Minerals are the only kind that utilizes the amino acid transporter backed by extensive research. Our minerals are engineered to remain intact when facing antagonists in the stomach creating an easy, unique pathway to the bloodstream to ensure optimal intake and absorption. When you choose a mineral, choose the minerals with a proven path.

Proving Mineral Performance with the 5-Rs

When put to the test, Zinpro Performance Minerals rise above all other minerals on the market. Our numerous patents have been proven time and again to perform in all types of animal production by meeting the 5-Rs essential criteria for performance minerals.


Zinpro designs its Zinpro Performance Minerals to deliver a repeatable response under real conditions. It is one thing to generate a response when every variable is controlled  and entirely another to demonstrate the same results in a production environment. We know animals respond positively when their diets are supplemented with Zinpro Performance Minerals, and we stake our future on that promise to our customers each and every day. 


Every Zinpro Performance Minerals product must be proven to deliver a positive return on investment before we bring it to market. We back this proven return with superior support. Our animal nutrition experts strive to help every customer understand the science behind our products. Our aim is to help you succeed by doing all we can to ensure you’ll achieve optimum results from every gram of Zinpro product.


Repeatable results begin at the molecular level. Zinpro Performance Minerals are manufactured using patented technology, which binds one specific soluble metal (such as zinc, copper or manganese) to an amino acid. This simple and stable structure ensures the highest biological efficacy and consistent absorption for improved animal performance. In the end, with nearly 50 years of research in the industry, we know our products produce repeatable results, repeatable success and most importantly, repeat customers.


Zinpro earned its reputation for providing the highest performing trace minerals in the industry through years of scientific trace mineral research and by delivering real-life results. In fact, every Zinpro product has been proven through quality research, long before it finds its way into a ration or diet.


Zinpro Performance Minerals are manufactured to ensure every product is of the highest (and most consistent) quality and safety. From our patented products and manufacturing process, to the delivery of these products throughout the world and our superior support after the sale, you can be assured that Zinpro employees are committed to customer success.

The Zinpro Advantage

Zinpro Performance Minerals are specifically designed to help animals perform at their best. They’re developed by the industry’s leading scientists. Backed by peer-reviewed research. And they’re what your animals need to achieve maximum performance and wellbeing.

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