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Inflammation is an ongoing threat that can lead to a host of common diseases if left untreated.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is the first step in the body’s healing process. However, excessive or prolonged inflammation can become a serious problem when the immune system fails to recognize the cause. Chronic inflammation can affect an animal’s ability to fully absorb nutrients, and therefore become less productive.

Risks Associated with Inflammation in Animals

When chronic inflammation occurs, an animal’s feed intake decreases — meaning they’ll be less productive. The animal also diverts nutrients from their performance in an effort to address the inflammation’s cause. This slows development, reproductivity and negatively affects overall wellbeing.

Common Causes: Leaky Gut and Heat Stress

The most common causes of inflammation in animals include poor gut integrity and heat stress. When a breakdown in the gut lining occurs, it can become inflamed and lead to a condition called leaky gut. When an animal is under heat stress, blood is diverted from the digestive tract to other parts of the body. Both cause a reduction in food intake and overall performance.

Inflammation’s Impact on Production

Here’s a look at the many challenges unchecked inflammation can pose to your operation.

Zinpro® Performance Minerals®: A Powerful Tool for Management

Zinpro Performance Minerals are especially effective in managing inflammation. They help fortify the immune system to help animals recover from inflammation faster while protecting your bottom line.

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