Healthier Heifers Today Produce Healthier Cows Tomorrow 

Future lactation performance depends on quality dairy replacements entering and remaining in the herd. Invest in the health and productivity of the next generation by feeding our research-proven trace minerals during the critical, yet often neglected stage of life for better development, efficiency and long-term performance.

Address Digital Dermatitis and Optimize the Future Potential of Your Herd

Better nutrition can prevent the onset of health issues that can impact everything from future milk production to reproductive performance and longevity. By stopping common diseases like digital dermatitis while heifers are growing, producers can significantly reduce the likelihood of later recurrence during lactation.

Reduction in Digital Dermatitis
Improved Hoof Health Supports a Lifetime of Performance 

Supplementing with Zinpro® Performance Minerals® drastically reduces the risk of digital dermatitis and decreases the severity of claw lesions, leading to greater future production in lactation.

Greater Conception Rate
Superior Trace Minerals for Greater Reproductive Function

Zinpro Performance Minerals in heifer diets have been shown to improve conception and calving rates.

Per Day Increase
in First Lactation
Better Nutrition Improves Lactation Potential

Greater feed conversion is not only more economically efficient, but it serves to optimize future milk yield. Heifers fed Zinpro Performance Minerals produce up to 2.6 lbs. more milk per day in first lactation while also requiring less feed to maintain body growth.


Lameness Reduction Improves Whole Herd Profitability

Lameness can significantly diminish the lifetime potential of your herd. Incorporating our DD Formula containing Zinpro® Availa® Plus reduces the prevalence of digital dermatitis by 45% and has been shown to decrease cull rates in the rearing period and first lactation, greatly improving farm profitability.

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Zinpro Availa Plus Promotes Health From the Inside Out

Developed specifically for use in growing heifers, Zinpro Availa Plus is a carefully formulated trace mineral product that enhances animal health and helps protect against hairy heel warts. Research has proven that Zinpro Availa Plus, when fed as part of a specific DD Formula, offers an innovative and profitable way to decrease prevalence of digital dermatitis which leads to greater performance and overall wellbeing in dairy cattle.

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