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Our Zinpro Eco Organic products are listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for certified organic animal production in the United States and Canada. This certification allows these products to be used in the production of organic foods (milk, meat, eggs, etc.), which saves time and expense for feed formulation reviews.

Zinpro® E

ZINPRO E is a nutritional feed ingredient that contains organic zinc for organic livestock and poultry production. Animals require zinc for numerous functions, including immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, muscle development, milk production and eggshell quality.

Zinpro® 4-Plex® E

Zinpro 4-Plex E is a nutritional feed ingredient that contains organic zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt for organic livestock. When an animal has the proper balance of organic trace minerals it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of stress.

8 Zinpro® ProPath® Products Are OMRI Certified

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