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At Zinpro we understand pets are more than just pets. They’re part of the family, and we are dedicated to providing them nutrition to build long, happy and healthy lives. With the best trace mineral nutrition available for petfood, manufactured using the highest quality ingredients Zinpro minerals are backed by more than 50 years of work proven to improve skin health and bone development, boost immune systems and improve wellbeing throughout every stage of life. That’s why Zinpro is Nutrition You Can See.

A Lifetime of Wellbeing, Every Step of the Way

Just as our nutrient requirements change throughout our lives, so do the nutrient requirements of dogs and cats. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are designed and have been shown to ensure as requirements change, they are met with premium quality products to ensure a safe, happy, healthful, long life.

Solutions Over the Years


Start Pets Off Right

Young animals face all kinds of challenges, from adapting to a new home to meeting other pets in the family, there is a lot to overcome. Supplementing with Zinpro Minerals can get pets off to the right start in life.

Adult Dog/Cat

Give Them the Most for Life

Pet owners expect to see healthy, shiny and smooth coast in their animals. Additionally, they want their pets to get through life with strength and vigor. Utilizing Zinpro Minerals in pet food can keep them thriving throughout life.

Senior Dog/Cat

Help them Thrive as They Age

As your pets age, you want to provide the best for them and keep them healthy as long as possible. Utilizing Zinpro Minerals helps them age gracefully and continue to enjoy life well into their golden years.

A Difference That’s Easy to See

Zinpro trace minerals are absorbed and utilized by pets in a unique way. The results are clear with improvements in healthful appearance throughout their life, from playful puppies to active seniors. They deserve the best so they can give you the best every day.

Healthier Skin and Coats

The first thing most people notice when they start feeding their pet food containing premium mineral nutrition from Zinpro is the fullness and luster of their coat. When properly absorbed, zinc, manganese, copper and iron improve hair length, coat color richness and sheen.

Enhanced Immunity

Keeping pets healthy is essential, especially when they’re being kenneled or during early socialization when they’re often exposed to a world of new pathogens. Having the right balance of premium trace minerals in pet food diets has been shown to enhance and support both gastric health, immune function and antioxidant activity for protection of cell membranes. One common measure of immunity is an animals response to vaccine, Zinpro has measured that and a typical response is shown here.

Better Bone and Joint Support

Whether they’re playful puppies or senior citizens, dogs and cats require proper bone & joint support for growth and mobility. Our premium performance minerals are proven to do just that: zinc has been shown to improve skeletal soundness and mobility, manganese plays a vital role in bone development along with cartilage and joint maintenance and repair.

Quality of Life Starts with Quality Products

For exceptional nutrition, quality & safety are essential. Zinpro has earned food industry certifications from a wide range of food safety organizations. Additionally, Zinpro is a National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) preferred supplier, differentiating our products from others on the market. We champion responsible and transparent practices, testing every batch of products to ensure they meet and exceed the pet food industry’s most rigorous quality standards.

The Role of Trace Minerals

Trace minerals are responsible for providing the essential minerals all animals require to be healthy and happy. Zinpro Performance Minerals are designed to ensure your pets are getting premium mineral nutrition in their food.

Making the Right Choice

Our best friends deserve the best! Zinpro Performance Minerals were developed based on peer-reviewed research by leading scientists and nutritionists to provide premium mineral supplementation that’s proven to maximize health and overall wellbeing for pets. Talk with a Zinpro pet specialist to learn about incorporating Zinpro Performance Minerals into your nutrition program.

Helpful Information about Pet Health

Zinpro Performance Minerals for Advanced Nutrition

Zinpro® ProPath®

Zinpro Performance Minerals that provide superior uptake and absorption for the most premium nutrition on the market and are optimized for non-GMO, or organic diets.

Zinpro® Availa®

Highly available line of premium performance trace minerals.

Zinpro® Original Line

Premium performance trace minerals featuring specific amino acids for targeted benefits.

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