We partner with customers to advance the health and performance of their animals with the best, most researched performance trace minerals — coupled with comprehensive tools, solutions and resources to maximize productivity and overall wellbeing.
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To Innovate the Industry, We’re Innovating Ourselves.

For the past 50 years you’ve known us as the leader in trace mineral nutrition. But we’re more than minerals and we’ve evolved our company and our brand. We’re addressing the bigger picture, with comprehensive solutions, tools and resources that drive greater performance and business success. Because we know that when we help animals and people experience better health and wellbeing, we create a healthier, more productive and sustainable world for all.

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Celebrating 50 years of Innovation

For the past 50 years, we have gone above and beyond to conduct the most extensive research, provide superior animal nutrition solutions and the best customer service possible. And our commitment to you remains the same, today, tomorrow and for the next 50 years and beyond.

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Backed by The Most Peer Reviewed Research

We take pride in delivering our customers scientifically proven nutritional solutions backed by extensive research and industry-leading practices. That’s why we have more peer-reviewed research across species than any other trace mineral brand. In fact, we’ve published over 300 peer-reviewed research papers. Our goal is to lead the industries we serve with knowledge and offerings above and beyond minerals.

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Experts in the Field

Our team is comprised of the leading minds in animal nutrition. Our experts are committed to enhancing the performance, increasing the productivity and improving overall animal wellbeing.

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Connect with one of our experts today to discuss which of our solutions are best suited to advance your operation.
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