Take the Proven Path
to Performance

Take the Proven Path

Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are the only trace mineral solution that utilizes a unique path to absorption for improved mineral uptake. Research proves that our minerals increase animal performance and improve their overall wellbeing.

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Achieving Improved Mineral Uptake Through the Amino Acid Transporter

At Zinpro®, minerals are bound to single amino acids we’ve identified as essential for exceptional uptake. This allows our minerals to survive the stomach acid, safely reach the intestinal lining, and become absorbed through amino acid transporters. Once absorbed, they’re metabolized more effectively than other trace minerals.

Soluble in water

Stable in the stomach and small intestine

Absorbable in the small intestine

Metabolically available in the target tissues

Proven to Impact These Essential Areas of Animal Wellbeing

  • Immunity
  • Reproduction
  • Feed efficiency
  • Hoof/Paw health
  • Coat quality and skin integrity
  • Growth
  • Production
  • Birth/Hatch

Supported by the Strongest Scientific Evidence 

Our customers benefit from our evidence-based nutritional solutions that are supported by comprehensive research and industry leading practices. We have the strongest scientific foundation for our organic trace mineral products across different animal species with over 350 peer-reviewed publications to prove it. Our vision is to offer our customer partners more than just products, but also knowledge and innovation. 

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