FirstStep® Dairy Hoof Health & Management Program

Dairy cow lameness is a constant threat to the productivity of dairy operations. The FirstStep Dairy Hoof Health and Management Program is a combination of informational resources, a robust website and leading-edge digital applications. This comprehensive program is available to Zinpro customers and was designed to help producers keep lameness from affecting the profitability and wellbeing of their cattle.

Locomotion Scoring

Dairy locomotion scoring uses a simple four or five point scale to assess the severity of lameness in cattle, based on observations of a cow’s gait and posture.

Identify locomotion scores and find descriptions with this poster.

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Lesion Identification

Dairy claw lesions must be accurately identified and recorded in order to reduce lameness and determine the best course of action.

Identify dairy claw lesions with this poster.

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Digital Dermatitis

Bovine digital dermatitis exists in dairy operations around the world. This condition causes painful lesions that often lead to lameness, reduced milk production and infertility.

The DD Check App makes recording digital dermatitis easy.

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Hoof Trimming

A leading cause for lameness in cattle is an imbalance in weight-bearing on their hooves, or claws. Cow hoof trimming can restore that balance to keep lameness at bay.

Read our in-depth guide to learn more about hoof trimming.

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Where FirstStep Can Help

Locomotion Scoring

Transition Cow
Hygiene Scoring & Footbath

Heat Abatement
Time Budget
Hoof Trimming
Walking Surface
Nutrition and Feeding

More Dairy Cow Lameness Resources

Cattle Lameness Book by Zinpro

An informational digital application, available for download on Amazon.

Availa® Dairy

Our special formula, specifically designed for dairy cattle health.

Dairy Cow Lameness and Reproduction

Read how Performance Minerals can improve reproduction and overall ROI for dairy producers.

Why Isn’t Your Dairy Footbath Working? 

Read about common footbath mistakes and how to avoid them.

Talk to a Dairy Lameness Expert

For more information on FirstStep and further guidance in dairy lameness prevention, get in touch with one of our representatives today.
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