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At Zinpro®, we go far beyond the best trace minerals. We’re an elite team of dedicated scientists, field professionals, and partners ready to help guide you, your animals and your business toward peak health and performance.

We Have the Expertise to Advance the Wellbeing of Both Your Animals and Business.

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Over 50 Years of Helping You Reach Your Full Potential

With more experience in research, discovery and implementation than any other mineral manufacturer, we partner with you to utilize the results of decades of innovation and expertise with comprehensive performance solutions tailored for your specific needs.

Nutrition is just one part of a whole world of expertise.
We help identify and deliver the solutions you are seeking to elevate your success.
We learn from our colleagues. And from global experts.
Proven science is the evidence we use to help your operation grow.
500+ patents and we’re just getting started.
Our commitment to innovation will never change. 

Your Success is at the Center of Everything We Do

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Species Expertise
Medicinal Chemistry
Scientific Discovery
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Global Manufacturing
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Hear What Our Employees Say

“I love the translational aspect of the chemistry I do at Zinpro; I get to see directly how the compounds I’m working on benefit others. And I get to teach people about how those chemicals work in the body!”

Andi Wisniewski
Research and Discovery Chemist

“I have owned and managed a large dairy and have been involved in a number of innovations within the dairy industry. Zinpro has given me the opportunity to help solve issues on large dairies that I find very rewarding.”

Roger Olson
Account Manager
United States

“I have a passion for agriculture and helping people. Our products provide a great opportunity for me to deliver on this passion. Zinpro Performance Minerals improve the well-being of livestock and the producers that raise them. This in turn helps in increasing profitability, sustainability and enjoyment for producers!”

Jeff Lyle
Account Manager

“Raising pigs on our farm was a foundational part of my childhood and upbringing. Today, Zinpro allows me to take my knowledge and passion to the field where I get to help our customer’s manage their costs, improve productivity and maximize their profitability.”

Corey Carpenter
Account Manager
United States

“I am very lucky to work at Zinpro where we contribute daily to the wellbeing and production of healthy animals for a healthier world.”

Manuel Gual
Regional Manager
Mexico & Central America

“I devote myself to aquaculture to provide more high-quality protein for people.”

Ivy Meng
Business Manager

“But ask the animals what they think – let them teach you. Let the birds tell you what’s going on. Put your ears to the earth – learn the basics.”

Thim Cheng
Senior Discovery Researcher

Let’s Innovate Together. Join Our Team of Experts.

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