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Fight for Food Safety With Better Poultry Nutrition

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Poultry production extends beyond the role of producing food  ̶  it stimulates economies and provides an affordable source of nutrition to the global population. As one of the largest sectors of agriculture in the world, raising healthy, productive birds for the purpose of food security is important.  

As poultry production practices have evolved, so have nutritional requirements for the animals. We have to carefully monitor diets and ensure we are providing essential nutrients to enhance animal wellbeing and performance. This helps build birds’ immunity, allowing them to perform at their best, remain healthy, carry smaller pathogen loads and, as a final result, also ensure food safety and public health.  

Salmonella: A Constant Threat

Foodborne pathogens, especially nontyphoidal Salmonella, can become part of the normal poultry microbiota, making them present in every flock in every poultry house. Therefore, food safety becomes a challenge as Salmonella can be carried by the poultry meat to consumers, and potentially cause foodborne illness in humans. 

These potentially harmful microorganisms can live in the gastrointestinal tract of birds and have easier access to internal organs when birds have lower immunity and weak epithelial integrity. High internal loads of Salmonella increase the risk of cross-contamination during harvest and processing creating a constant threat to food safety in poultry processing facilities.  

How do we balance healthy bird microbiota with human sensitivity to Salmonella? In antibiotic-free production systems, it can become a bigger challenge. There are several interventions, including in farm, feed, birds’ biosecurity and even vaccination. However, these interventions are not complete and still require the birds to be more resistant to the microbes in order to work properly. We can support these measures through a proven animal nutrition strategy that nourishes the bird, strengthens immunity, maintains performance and decreases the internal pathogen load carried into a processing facility.

Lower Pathogen Load With the Zinpro® First Line of Defense™

Poultry producers can positively manage their flock‘s immunity to enhance food safety and feel confident about their product that ends up on consumers’ plates.  

The Zinpro First Line of Defense program offers a preharvest solution that will reduce Salmonella loads within the bird by strengthening the epithelial barriers and immune system – lowering the risk of cross-contamination during processing. When paired with a strong management program that reduces environmental stressors, manages litter and controls house ventilation and temperature, birds will be healthier and more productive.   

Zinpro’s proven animal nutrition provides unrivaled mineral absorption that:  

  • Improves gut health 
  • Helps the development of a protective microflora  
  • Encourages more efficient digestion and nutrient absorption  
  • Enhances the secretion of antimicrobial peptides that reduce the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the birds 
  • Impacts every branch of a bird’s immune response and thereby decreases the damage caused by infectious challenges 

With the Zinpro First Line of Defense program, your flock will have unrivaled animal nutrition that benefits productivity and reduces food safety risks. Zinpro can work with you to unlock your flock’s full genetic potential and transform productivity. 

Visit our website for expert resources and management solutions to help you take the proven path for your flock and encourage food safety through all phases of production. Zinpro poultry specialists are ready to partner with you.