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Over the past few decades, tilapia has expanded to become one of the largest and most successful farmed species in the world. To help you sustainably grow nutritious, affordable and protein-rich freshwater fish to meet growing consumer demand, we are leading the field in innovating nutritional solutions that drive forward the health and wellbeing of tilapia for superior performance and product quality.

Meeting the Demands of a Growing Industry

As the industry continues to improve farmed freshwater fish production, it is more important than ever to raise healthy, antibiotic-free fish, with good management, biosecurity and proper nutrition — sustainability. Grow your operation and your profits and meet growing demand with the help of our innovative solutions and expertise. 

Greater Overall Health and Wellbeing Is Critical for Growth

For fish to achieve optimal growth, they need to be able to resist the pathogens, parasites and stressors they’re constantly exposed to. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® have been shown to improve immunity parameters and support skin and gut health, bolstering these critical defense barriers. This makes for more robust and resilient fish, resulting in significantly higher average daily gain (ADG).

Ensuring Meat Quality Requires the Right Nutrition

You are focused on the overall health and wellbeing of your fish in order to safely and efficiently produce higher quantities of meat as well as higher quality. Our solutions are designed to help you along that journey. Healthy fish are not only safer and more nutritious for consumers, but more profitable for your operation.

Less Drip Loss. More Profit. More Desirable Product.

Consumers want the color, freshness and juiciness of fish meat to meet their expectations. Our solutions can help improve fish juiciness by helping fillets keep more intracellular water for longer. Our research has shown that when Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are used, drip and thaw loss are lower, hence improving the water retention in the cells —resulting in more juicy, fresh product for market.

More Ways to Take Your Freshwater Fish Nutrition Further

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