Transition Calves Successfully With the Right Nutrition

When calves transition from weaning through stocker or backgrounder operations, their health is paramount. With the right mineral supplementation, you can reduce treatment costs, morbidity and mortality while efficiently adjusting calves to their new environments and feedstuffs.

The Resilience to Overcome Challenges and Meet Production Goals

As calves transition between the cowherd and the feedlot, stress leads to variability in nutrient intake, leaving them susceptible to a range of illnesses. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® have been proven to enhance overall health and wellbeing— mitigating major production challenges and supporting greater weight gain.

Reduced Morbidity
Reducing the Effects of Stress is Key for Better Health and Lower Treatment Costs

The right mineral supplementation can help overcome the negative effects of stress and support the immune system, resulting in lower morbidity rates with fewer cattle treated.

Improvement in Vaccine Titer Response
Greater Vaccine Responses Support Greater Immunity

Published research indicates that Zinpro Performance Minerals support the immune system and enhance vaccination response, leading to more antibodies that help fight disease.

Increased Average Daily Gain
Optimal Weight Gain Depends on the Right Nutrition

Healthy calves gain more efficiently. Economically increasing gain is crucial for enhancing profitability. Zinpro Performance Minerals are a simple and essential way for producers to realize greater returns for every calf.

Reduced Foot Rot by 30% or More in Pasture and Feedlot Cattle
Poor Hoof Health Can Be a Stumbling Block for Profits 

Foot rot can lead to reduced weight gain and poor animal wellbeing. Studies have shown that pasture and feedlot cattle fed Zinpro Performance Minerals experience a significant reduction in foot rot and other hoof disorders.

Rolandia, PR, Brasil, 09/01/2015. Rebanho de gado da raça Nelore solto em um pasto no município de Rolândia, norte do estado do Paraná. – FOTO: ALF RIBEIRO -

20% Decreased Morbidity Means Less Treatment and Labor Costs

The difference between profit and loss can be thin. Zinpro Performance Minerals can help ensure a greater ROI by helping overcome the effects of stress, reducing morbidity and minimizing the labor and treatment cost associated with sick cattle.

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