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Growing strong finishers is central to the profitability of your business. About 60% of your system’s spend is on feed during this important phase of production. To get the most out of your investment, you must optimize feed conversion and system gain to promote system throughput. Success starts with investing in time, labor and feed from the breeding-gestation barn all the way through the grow-finish phase. We are here to support you with solutions that improve the overall health of your grow-finish pigs for greater performance.

We Help You Address the Challenges That Impact Your Cost of Production

With so many factors that can threaten the health and wellbeing of your pigs, effective trace mineral supplementation is essential for successful outcomes. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® utilize a unique pathway for advanced absorption that can help mitigate costly medical issues and reduce loss in your system.

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1.3% Less Mortality
Reducing Mortality Is Key to Growing Strong Finishers

Raising healthy pigs takes a significant amount of time, labor and feed investment. Ensuring that pigs thrive throughout the grow-finish phase is the only way you can realize a return on your investment. Research has shown that feeding pigs Zinpro Performance Minerals can significantly reduce mortality by supporting their immune system’s defense against enteric and respiratory diseases, either bacterial or viral.

Proper Nutrition Keeps Pigs Eating

To optimize cost per pound of gain, you must maintain a pig’s feed intake and growth, while minimizing mortality. In addition to supporting general immunity and reducing medical interventions, Zinpro Performance Minerals and solutions are invaluable for improving feed intake. This is especially important for enteric diseases, where pigs struggle to absorb water and stop feeding. Challenged pigs fed Zinpro® Zinc are more likely to continue eating, improving their odds of finishing strong.

Overcoming Disease Challenges Depends on Better Immune Function

Zinpro® Zinc, fed with or without vaccinations, has been shown to provide further improvements to survivability than with just vaccines alone. Feeding our solutions leads to faster detectable antibodies in the blood and reduces lesion prevalence in unvaccinated pigs. Research shows that the specific source of zinc matters for health outcomes — with our solutions providing the biggest reductions in mortality in times of disease and stress.

Better Closeout Feed Conversion Ratios Require Trace Minerals

Supplementing your swine diets with trace minerals helps you get the most out of your feed with the least amount of interference. Grow-finish systems that use Zinpro Performance Minerals and solutions see major improvements across all key performance indicators — including system throughput and closeout feed conversion ratio.

$1 Per Pig Space Means Greater System Throughout and ROI

The reductions in mortality resulting from the use of Zinpro Performance Minerals increases your pounds of pork marketed per square foot of facility space. This efficient use of space is a key parameter for measuring your operation’s success and return on investment.

The Right Minerals Can Improve Carcass Quality

The inclusion of Zinrpo® Chromium in feed (not available in the US, Canada or EU) has been linked to improved carcass quality — providing a product that is leaner and more desirable.

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