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Maintaining high performance broiler breeders is essential for the profitability of poultry operations. Increasing the number of top-quality chicks requires precise management and exceptional nutrition. At Zinpro®, we partner with producers to find the right solutions to help support everything from the health of the breeders and their progeny to future carcass and meat quality.
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The Zinpro® BlueBox™

Evaluate eggshell quality with a tool that assesses color and translucency identifying areas of improvement.

Addressing the Key Challenges that Impact Breeder Success

1.4% Decrease in Cracked Eggs

High Egg Production and Eggshell Quality Can Be Difficult to Maintain

Reaching top egg production and quality throughout is critical for producer success. With Zinpro performance solutions, broiler breeders surpass their goals, seeing improvements to eggshell membranes and shell structures, leading to less cracked eggs — improving egg utilization and increasing the number of hatching eggs.

1.8% Increase in Hatchability

Hatchability and Embryo Livability Is Critical for Chick Quality

Egg incubation is a delicate process which put stress on the developing embryo. Our solutions have been proven to increase the transfer rate of trace minerals from breeder to the egg and then to the embryo, reduce oxidative stress leading to decreased mortality, and improve hatchability rates while delivering the highest quality progeny chicks.

The Effectiveness of Vaccination Depends on Immune Response

Vaccination helps mitigate disease in broiler breeders. For the most effective transfer of maternal antibodies to progeny, Zinpro® Performance Minerals® have been proven to enhance breeder immune response and vaccine titers — positively impacting uniformity, livability, and performance of the flock.

Genetic Improvements Require Increased Health Support

Genetic improvements are pressuring breeders to be more efficient and productive. This often comes with a cost to skin quality, footpad integrity and foot health, feathering status and pecking behavior, fertility, bone quality, leg health and more. The utilization of Zinpro performance solutions in breeder diets address those issues, supporting high welfare standards, natural behavior, and top performance.

Achieve ROI as High as 13:1

In a study of broiler breeders fed Zinpro® Availa® ZMC over 46 weeks, researchers found significant improvements to eggshell quality & hatchability, increasing the number of chicks per hen housed, and decreasing embryo mortality — calculating ROI up to 13:1 based on chicks per hen housed.

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