Ensure the Meat Quality
Consumers Want with the
Zinpro® Perfect Carcass® Tool

The Zinpro Perfect Carcass website is a first-of-its-kind scoring platform to help producers improve broiler chicken carcass quality and support processing plants in their journey toward better production and profitability. When you use this tool, your final product is more likely to achieve the appearance, flavor, and nutritional value consumers want.

Identify and Evaluate Lesions

Follow Our Easy-to-Use Scoring System

The better you understand your needs, the more prepared you are to find the right solutions. Zinpro Perfect Carcass helps producers identify and categorize lesions so they can follow a digital scoring protocol, compare discoveries to others in their region, and determine a course of action. When you can identify lesions with economic impacts, you can better protect your profits.

Generate Data Reports to Transform Key Challenges into Profitable Decisions

After inputting results, create a data report to determine areas for potential improvement. This report can provide recommendations for reducing the likelihood of lesions in a flock, and how to improve poultry production and performance through proper nutrition and management.

Meaningful Data That Shows an Economic Impact

Prolonged feed withdrawal periods
Heat stress due to inadequate lairage areas
Traumatic points during processing

Take Quality Further with Zinpro® Performance Minerals®

Proper management and poultry nutrition are as important to performance as genetics. Adding Zinpro Performance Minerals to your feed can optimize meat quality to ensure a healthier looking, better tasting, more nutritional final product resulting in more productive and profitable operation.

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