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To realize their full genetic potential, cows and calves require the best trace mineral supplementation every day of their lives. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are proven to impact nearly every biological system within your animals — improving wellbeing and health for greater profitability.

Calculate the Benefit You Can Achieve with Zinpro® Availa® 4

Incorporating Zinpro Availa 4 into your nutrition program has been proven to increase the potential profitability of your operation by promoting improved health, enhanced immunity and increased weaning weights. Determine how much this could be worth to your business. Learn how we calculate this here.

A Simple Way to Address Your Most Complex Production Challenges

Enhancing the performance of your herd is critical for maximizing profitability. Daily trace mineral supplementation is one of the simplest ways to set up your animals for a lifetime of success, while avoiding the major health and production issues that cut into your margins.

Improved Conception

A Productive Herd Depends on Reproductive Success

Many variables can affect the fertility of your cows. Trace minerals play a critical role in heat cycles, response to synchronization and pregnancy retention —impacting ovulation rates, improving conception by greater than 20% and reducing calving interval by 16 days.

Increased Weaning Weight

Ensuring Calves Achieve a Profitable Weight is Critical

When your calves reach their full weaning weight potential, it can significantly impact your profitability. Cattle fed Zinpro Performance Minerals have shown greater resilience to stress and immune challenges, allowing them to achieve improved health and significantly higher weaning weights.

Or More Foot Rot Reduction in Pasture Cattle

Poor Hoof Health Can Be a Stumbling Block for Profits

Foot rot in cows can lead to lower milk production and to reduced weight gain in calves. Studies have shown that pasture cattle fed Zinpro Performance Minerals experience a significant reduction in hoof disorders.

Improvement in Colostrum IgG Concentration
Colostrum Quality Matters for the Health of Your Herd

Quality colostrum is a huge factor in establishing your calves’ immune system. Incorporating Zinpro Performance Minerals into your herd’s nutrition program improves colostrum immunoglobulin concentration, contributing to an overall increase in calf health.

Reduction in First Pulls, 45% in Repulls
Better Overall Health and Immunity Means Decreased Treatment Costs

From common illnesses like BRD, to general immunity and resilience, animals fed Zinpro Performance Minerals experience greater wellbeing and health outcomes — leading to reduced pulls, repulls and overall treatment costs.

Greater Weaning Weights Mean Greater ROI

Providing Zinpro Availa 4 to your herd 365 days a year has been shown to increase weaning weights by as much as 28 lbs. — generating greater profitability for the producer and enabling calves to thrive through subsequent life stages.

Trace Mineral Solutions for Profitable Cows and Calves

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