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Our tradition of innovation, proven science and customer commitment goes into our entire portfolio of brands. When you choose Zinpro, you gain access to a robust resource of comprehensive solutions and products — each as trusted and effective as the next.

Take Wellbeing Further with Zinpro
Performance Minerals®

50 years ago, we pioneered the science of organic trace minerals by creating the industry’s first and only Performance Minerals. Utilizing a unique pathway for advanced absorption, Zinpro Performance Minerals provide superior uptake and utilization for greater animal wellbeing and productivity. Available in four different product lines serving a range of species, our minerals are backed by decades of research and proven performance.

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Perfectly Balanced TruCare®

TruCare supplements support balanced animal nutrition with a blend of organic, essential trace minerals tailored to your animal’s needs. From overall health and wellbeing to digestive support, to bone and joint, as well as skin, coat, paw, claw and hoof health, to reproductive performance, TruCare solutions improve health across a variety of species. If it carries the TruCare name, it’s proven by research and designed to fit your animal’s unique needs.

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Stay Strong with Mend + Defend®

All of us are at our best when we have optimal gut health and immune support. Mend + Defend products feature essential trace minerals, probiotics, vitamins and more to ensure your digestive and immune systems keep you healthy, happy and well.

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The HIgGH Gold® Standard

Our immune systems and gut health need all the support they can get. HIgGH Gold Colostrum 40 provides that support by delivering a highly concentrated level of naturally occurring components through a unique PathWhey℠ process that’s unlike any other whey product out there.

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