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As egg consumption increases and the industry moves towards higher standards of welfare conditions for hens, maintaining high performance is critical for a successful operation. Now more than ever, investing in the right mineral supplementation can make the difference between profit and loss with greater feed efficiency, health, and wellbeing for stronger, more productive hens and eggs.
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Removing Production Barriers to Optimum Performance

To deliver stronger hens and higher quality eggs, our performance solutions are proven to address the major factors that can affect layer health and productivity — advancing flock livability by addressing everything from feathering status, to pecking and stress factors, to skeleton development and maintenance, and more.

The Zinpro® BlueBox™

Evaluate eggshell quality with a tool that assesses color and translucency identifying areas of improvement.

Maintaining High Egg Production and Quality Simultaneously is a Challenge

High egg production volume comes with a trade off in quality, no matter how efficient the layer is. Layers consistently fed Zinpro® Performance Minerals® surpass the standards on feed conversion and egg numbers, leading to less cracked eggs — improving egg utilization and increasing the number of saleable eggs.

Immunity Is Necessary for Proper Health and Food Safety

To combat the constant threat of disease, vaccination can improve layer immunity. To ensure the best outcomes, Zinpro Performance Minerals® help improve immune response and vaccine titers, positively impacting uniformity, livability, and performance of the flock — increasing defense against external pathogens such as Salmonella and E. coli, ultimately contributing to improved food safety.

Mineral-Enriched Eggs Can Enrich Your Business

When producers supplement feed with Zinpro®, they can tap into the niche market of trace-mineral enriched eggs. Zinpro Performance Minerals in layer diets increase the transfer rate of trace minerals such as zinc, iron, and selenium to the egg yolk and albumen, making them a highly available source of those minerals to consumers.

Overall Wellbeing and Health Depend on the Right Diet

In commercial layers, there are many welfare issues that can arise in production, including feather quality, pecking behavior, bone breakages, feet quality, and other stressors. The utilization of Zinpro performance solutions in layer diets improves all the above — supporting improved conditions for healthy behavior, high performance, and greater longevity.

Achieve ROI up to 2.5:1

In a study that partially replaced ordinary inorganic trace minerals in laying hens’ diets with Zinpro® Availa® ZMC and Zinpro® Availa® Fe, both performance and egg quality parameters showed improvements — with an ROI ratio of 2.5:1.

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