Preventing Animal Lameness Together

Zinpro® is the global leader in promoting bovine, swine, and poultry foot and leg health. We approach animal lameness from every angle, providing you with the right products for prevention in addition to advanced tools, education, and expertise. Your productivity depends on preventing lameness in your animals.

Lameness Prevention is Critical for Wellbeing and Performance

Poor foot and leg health can quickly deplete profits. In fact, lameness in poultry caused by BCO can result in financial losses of up to 15%.  Worldwide, lameness is one of the top 3 reasons for sows leaving the sow farm, either by voluntary cull or mortality. And cattle with lameness drop in value by nearly half. At Zinpro, we’re committed to minimizing chances of these losses in your cattle, swine, and poultry.

A Holistic Approach to Ensuring Proper Foot and Leg Health

Proper Hoof Trimming

For dairy, beef and swine, proper hoof trimming is essential for lameness prevention.

Locomotion Scoring

Locomotion scoring of dairy, beef and swine help identify early signs of lameness and provide an opportunity for intervention and prevention.

Lesion Identification

Proper identification is critical in cattle, poultry and swine to determine the necessary corrective action.

Proactive Nutritional Solutions

Birds tend to hide their symptoms. Proactive nutritional strategies are the best defense against surprise problems.

Specialized Solutions for Your Production Animals


The Zinpro® FirstStep® Dairy Hoof Health & Management Program is Zinpro’s comprehensive answer to every dairy hoof health problem.

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Our Zinpro® Step Up® Management Program for Beef Cattle helps producers identify, diagnose, and treat lameness to keep cattle healthy and profitable.

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For sows, controlling lameness has a huge impact on reproduction, herd profitability and overall performance. That’s precisely what the Zinpro® Feet First® Swine Lameness Prevention program makes possible.

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The Zinpro® Perfect Carcass® Tool is a scoring program that helps to improve carcass quality and performance, supporting processing plants in their journey towards production and profitability.

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