Swine Lameness

When a sow is lame, it leads to lower lactation feed intake, decreased reproductive performance and ultimately an early exit from the herd. Our experts developed the Zinpro® Feet First® Program to help you identify and prevent lameness in your swine herd. Allowing you to focus on the wellness of your animals and improve the efficiency of pork production.

Zinpro Feet First Swine Locomotion Scoring System

Locomotion scoring is a visual technique used to assess the severity of lameness in sows. You’ll learn how to observe sows standing and walking, then rank them based on visual cues. The system is intuitive, easy to learn, implement and allows for the early detection of foot disorders and lesions.

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Swine Claw Lesion Identification

Our experts have developed an easy-to-use lesion scoring system to help you accurately identify and record claw lesions in your sow herd. This system allows you visually rank the seven most common claw lesions, based on the type of lesion and its level of severity.

Functional Sow Claw Trimming

Prevent lameness and keep your sows healthy by trimming claws to prevent unequal weight bearing on overgrown toes and dew claws. Learn how in this step-by-step functional sow claw trimming video.

Trimming Pig Hooves Can Prevent Lameness in Sows

Today, with more sows moving into group housing where they are being asked to travel greater distances in order to access their feed and water on a regular basis, swine hoof health has become a key concern that can impact their locomotion, productivity and overall wellness.

How To: Step-by-Step Guide to Pig Hoof Trimming to Help Prevent Lameness

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to trim sow and gilt claws to enhance locomotion and help prevent lameness.

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Lameness Expert

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