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As you strive to improve production output and efficiency, we are leading the field in researching and advancing what is possible through trace mineral nutrition. Working with you to help you meet demand profitability, we leverage innovative solutions that have been proven to increases the overall health of fish — for better wellbeing and superior performance.

Performance Benefits That Impact Key Production Challenges

Health issues during fish production can seriously cut into the efficiency and profitability of your operation. Trace minerals are essential for mitigating risk and increasing performance, supporting proper hormone and enzyme function, bone development, nervous and reproductive systems, epithelial tissue production and maintenance all adding up to enhanced skin, gill, fin, scale and gastrointestinal integrity.

The Success of Your Operation Depends on Cost-Efficient Growth

Producing more with less is fundamental to maintaining and increasing the profitability of your operation. Studies show that salmon fed Zinpro® Availa® Zn in lieu of inorganic zinc achieved a significantly better feed conversion ratio and increased final weight.

Overall Health and Wellbeing For Optimal Production

The best way to help your fish resist and overcome illness is with nutritional optimization. The minerals in our performance solutions benefit both skin and gut health, with research showing a marked increase in goblet cells in a study of European sea bass fed Zinpro® Performance Minerals®.

Skin Is the Zinpro® First Line of Defense™ Against Disease and Parasites

The skin and gut lining are the first line of defense in protecting against the penetration of pathogens and attachment of parasites. Thus, supporting skin health is central to preventing disease. Studies have shown that trace minerals like the zinc in our performance solutions improve both skin integrity and healing — leading to reduced Caligus counts and associated skin lesions in salmon and improving growth and performance for both salmon and sea bass.

Stress Can Cause Big Issues Without the Right Nutrition

Environmental factors and the impact of production stressors like transportation, grading, and vaccination can lower the immunological defenses of fish. Trace mineral supplementation helps animals endure these situations — for example, research conducted in European sea bass showed that including Zinpro® Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe and Se increased antioxidant capacity allowing fish to more efficiently protect themselves against free radicals. Moreover, research has consistently proven that our Zinpro Performance Minerals are more effective than other mineral sources at providing these benefits.

Costs $1 Billion Per Year

Sea Lice Cost Global Aquaculture up to $1 Billion Every Year

For you to realize a greater return on investment, providing fish with the proper nutritional support to defend against health issues is paramount for successful results. With our solutions, the impact of parasites like sea lice is reduced, mitigating loss and allowing for quicker recovery, greater growth and increased performance.

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