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Meat yield and quality are highly dependent on the trace minerals broilers receive in their diet. With the right supplementation, producers can see improvements to overall health and wellbeing that directly impact their ability to resist disease and to perform, improving profitability and providing consumers with a safer, better product.
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Target the Epithelial Barrier to Overcome Barriers to Production

Broiler profitability isn’t just about feed conversion. Meat yield, quality, and safety are critical for success. Our performance solutions work by supporting the epithelial barrier and addressing key production issues by improving intestinal health, respiratory system, and skin integrity, while decreasing the chances of pathogens colonizing animals’ organs and tissues.

The Zinpro® Perfect Carcass® Tool

Get your custom data report estimating the economic impact of carcass lesions to optimize your performance and production process.

Stronger Epithelial Tissue

Investing in Gut Health Ensures Food Safety

As we strive to produce antibiotic-free broilers, maintaining intestinal health is more important than ever. Including trace minerals such as zinc in broiler diets has been shown to provide key performance benefits, including improved epithelial barrier support, enhanced gut development, better skin and respiratory integrity, and decreased pathogens in animal tissue — directly impacting the safety of the final product in consumers’ plates.

Immunity Is Key for Maximum Flock Performance

A strong immune system is key for reducing the negative impacts of stress and disease in broilers. With Zinpro® Performance Minerals®, broilers show a more favorable immune response to vaccines, which positively impacts the flock’s uniformity and livability — increasing gain weight, feed efficiency, carcass, and meat yield and quality.

33% Reduction in Skin Lesions

Supplementation Is Necessary for Steady Carcass Quality

Without nutritional support, meat quality is impacted by live production management, transportation, and storage conditions. Animals fed Zinpro Performance Minerals benefit from improved carcass quality with greater whole carcass skin integrity, reduced footpad dermatitis lesions, bone fractures, and meat oxidative reactions pre and post-mortem— thus minimizing muscle myopathies, storage losses, as well as drip and cooking losses.

Up to 29% Reduction in Lameness

Greater Stress Requires Greater Support for Animal Wellbeing

Genetic improvements to broiler feed efficiency and growth rates are contributing to increasing concerns in animal welfare such as bone quality and lameness, foot pad dermatitis, delays in feather growth, exposed skin open to tears and scratches, and more. Broilers fed Zinpro® see improvements to all these issues, in addition to other factors such as oxidative and heat stress — supporting greater poultry growth and performance.

Higher Efficiency, Quality, and Yield for ROI up to 8:1

Even if you only consider improvements to feed efficiency, producers who use Zinpro Performance Minerals see ROI up to 3:1 — and in a study of broilers fed Zinpro® Availa® Zn over a 49 day period, researchers calculated ROI ranging up to 8 to 1 when improvements to meat yield and carcass quality were considered.

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