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Our elite line of performance-driven nutritional supplements and probiotics is designed for easy delivery through water proportioning systems to support hydration and nutrition for animal health and operational excellence. These products supplement normal management practices to improve production requirements ranging from gut health, animal disposition and/or improving nutrient utilization from the feed. 

Zinpro® Profusion® Drench Puts Beef Cattle on the Superior Path to Performance

Zinpro Profusion Drench provides beef cattle a multi-day dose of essential nutrients during weaning, shipping, receiving and other times of stress. This liquid nutritional supplement is designed to support wellness, immunity and performance in cow-calf, stocker and feedlot operations.

Zinpro® Placid® LQ Kit’s Effect on Swine

The Zinpro Placid LQ Kit with Zinpro® Aqua X-Cell® Piglet/Swine is a concentrated product blend from Zinpro® Specialty Products®. Formulated to help pigs improve outcomes during times of occasional stress, in the field this product has shown a 54.5% reduction in bite incidence and water uptake was maintained during the period of stress.

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