Aim for Higher Performance, Health and Product Quality

As the world’s appetite for farm-raised fish and shrimp has increased, so has the need for trace mineral supplementation. Maximizing the profitability and sustainability of your aquaculture operation starts with improving the overall health and wellbeing of your animals. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® and solutions are proven to help you meet growing demand by improving key criteria such as survival rates, feed efficiency, gut health, disease resistance, fertility, product quality and more.

Healthier Animals. Healthier Business. Healthier World.

We are at the forefront of innovations that address the industry’s primary concerns. By developing solutions that allow for more effective nutrient absorption and delivery, we are driving more efficient production and feeding to meet the world’s growing nutritional needs sustainably — while providing animal welfare benefits that decrease medical costs, support faster growth rates and increase the quality of meat.

Expertise Across the Key Production Species

Salmonids and Marine Fish

The right nutrition for more improved growth, health and productivity.

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Tilapia and Freshwater Fish

Solutions to help producers meet demand and minimize health costs.

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Essential trace minerals for shrimp growth and performance.

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