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How Zinpro Helps Integrated Production
Systems Increase Pig Robustness

“We put a lot of priority on quality animal care in our facilities. If you don’t take good care of her [sows], she won’t take care of you. When I looked at the numbers, and I’ve looked at them many times since, we have made a positive impact on retention rates of sows on the farm.”

Kerry Hopkins
Senior Genetics Services Manager
New Fashion Pork

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Livability is an Essential KPI

You are responsible for nourishing your pigs from Day 1 until market. So, you need to uncover every opportunity to lower production costs and improve performance.

Early Post-Weaning Pig Survivability Depends on the Right Nutrition

A post weaning pig that effectively transitions from lactation and maximizes feed intake can result in a strong finish with greater livability and heavier exit weights. Discover how to increase the performance of your pigs so they can become robust and productive. Learn More About Nursery Pigs

Why Zinpro?

Did you know that post-weaning enteric disease can cost up to $3.75 per finished pig (Niemi, 2016)? Enteric infections come with a cost. Feeding Zinpro® Zinc has been known to limit the impact enteric bacteria have on swine gut health by supporting gut integrity and immunity, resulting in less mortality.

Healthy Piglets

Improving Sow Livability and Lifetime Pigs Weaned

Our experts studied the top causes of variation in system profitability where they discovered adjustments that make the status quo of 14% mortality a thing of the past. Learn More About Sows and Gilts

Why Zinpro?

We’ve seen producers experience an increase of 0.55 pigs weaned per sow per year. At a market price of $30 per weaned pig, this is equivalent to earning $16.50 more per sow per year.

Protect the Investment You’ve Already Made

Nearly 60% of your system’s spending is on feed during the critical grow-finish phase.

When you are forced to remove a pig before it reaches market, you lose all of the value that you put into raising the pig:

  • Purchase Price and/or Production Cost
  • Labor
  • Time
  • Feed costs

Learn More About Grow-Finish Pigs

Why Zinpro?

A grow-finish pig study produced a 1.3% reduction in pig removals when fed Zinpro® Zinc, reducing the cost of production by $2.84 per finished pig.

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We offer breakthrough innovations and powerful nutrition based on our proven post absorptive effects.

What Do You Stand to Lose?

0.32 pigs per litter

Healthy sows produce more pigs per litter

48 hrs

Nursery pigs can go up to 2 days without eating


Lameness can cause up to 1/4 of sow removals


of gilts are not achieving parity 3

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