Solutions for Superior Swine Performance at Every Level

Achieve greater productivity, efficiency and profitability in your system with Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. Our expertise and unique nutritional solutions are designed to help you optimize your swine operation every day, no matter what the challenge. From the farrowing room to the finisher, we are here to help you raise healthy pigs sustainably — all while maximizing the success of your business.

The Right Partnership Delivers Better Outcomes

Stories of Customer Success: New Fashion Pork

“It's comforting to know that we have relationships with the vendors that are looking out for the whole pig.

Kerri Hopkins
Senior Genetics Services Manager, New Fashion Pork

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Four Priorities for Production Success
Our solutions are designed to maximize the success of your business by accounting for the many challenges you face when raising pork responsibly. With the advanced nutrition made possible by the unique technology of our Zinpro Performance Minerals, we are advancing swine production together.

Robust Pigs

Robust Pigs Overcome Challenges Quickly and with Greater Success

Robust Pigs are better able to cope with disease, allowing them to grow better. This improves system throughput, efficiency and production costs — putting more money in your pocket.

Our nutritional solutions help you to grow Robust Pigs by conditioning them for success through superior nutrition — supporting the improvement of a pig’s overall immune function, strengthening vaccine response and gut health, while reducing lameness, the effects of heat stress and lessening the need for antibiotic interventions.

Productive Pigs

Healthy Pigs Are Productive Pigs and Productive Pigs Drive Profitability.

Raising productive pigs is key to a healthy and profitable system. Small improvements in the health and livability of your heard have a direct and positive impact on your production economics.

Implementing our nutritional solutions into your feeding program has been proven to lower swine mortality. That means more pigs marketed per sow per year, improved sow longevity and improved finisher throughput and efficiency — all leading to a greater return on investment and labor for your business.

Strong Finishers

The Right Nutrition From the Start Helps Pigs Finish Strong

A good start and strong finish is critical for the financial success of your operation.

Our nutritional solutions help support immune function, gut health and mitigate inflammation right from the start. Strong beginnings set the stage for strong finishers — whether it’s lifetime sow performance, nursery throughput or grow finish efficiency, strong finishers always begin with a sound start.

Zinpro® Responsibly Raised Pork™

Ensuring the Health of Food Supply Through Nutrition and More

As stewards of animal health, we are committed to helping you raise pork responsibly throughout each phase of production. That means working with you to overcome challenges in order to produce wholesome pork that always prioritizes the health and wellbeing of your animals and our industry.

Our solutions are proven to drive favorable outcomes for the entire production system. In addition to the highest quality performance trace minerals on the market, we provide water quality, biosecurity and sanitation solutions that improve the safety and health of pigs.

Expertise for Every Stage of the Production Cycle


Build a robust pig to achieve your performance and throughput goals.

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Sows and Gilts

Health, longevity and productivity are the keys to optimizing production cost and profitability.

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Ensure the best nutrition for optimum performance from start to finish.

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Solutions Beyond Nutrition that Take Swine Production Further

Zinpro® Feet First® Lameness Prevention

Tools and resources that help you improve the efficiency of pork production through the identification and prevention of lameness.

Inflammation Management

Performance trace minerals that fortify the immune system, providing a balanced immune response against inflammation.

Water Analysis

Our Water Analysis Program is a step-by-step tool that puts you on the road to optimal water quality.

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Learn how our Zinpro Performance Minerals and solutions can help improve the health and wellbeing of your pigs and drive greater performance and profitability for your operation.
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