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Starting pigs off right sets them up to become strong, profitable finishers. With the right trace mineral supplementation, you can improve health, wellbeing and overall performance. Growing robust pigs will positively impact every phase of production. Reduce mortality by building immune competence and supporting gut health, leading to accelerated growth and feed intake for greater productivity and profit.

Solutions for Overcoming Key Production Challenges

Preparing your pigs to face the many health and environmental challenges they may encounter throughout their lives provides a path to ensure the overall wellbeing of your animals . Feeding Zinpro®, along with sound prevention and management practices, will help you raise a more robust and productive pig.

Better Piglet Survivability Requires Better Gut Health

Weaned pigs that are brought together from multiple sow farms and microenvironments may become susceptible to enteric infections like E. coli, Lawsonia intracellularis (ileitis), dysentery and salmonella. These infections impact swine gut health. Solutions like Zinpro® Zinc (Zn) are proven to support gut integrity and immunity. See less mortality and enteric challenges while increasing feed intake and weight gain to improve the overall health of your nursery pigs.

Alternatives to Traditional Solutions

Traditionally, zinc oxide (ZnO) and copper sulfate (CuSO4) are used to help mitigate enteric infections and promote feed intake and weight gain as pigs are weaned off of the sow. But as ZnO and CuSO4 usage becomes more limited, there is a need for alternative solutions to help bridge the gap during this important phase of production. Pairing technologies like Zinpro copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) with or without the use of ZnO can have a big impact on growth rate, gut health and the overall health of the pig, as well as reducing total dietary Cu and Zn levels.

Transform Nursery Pig Health and Productivity

Providing the right source of zinc at critical times in the post weaning period can help your pigs unlock their full potential. Manage challenges like weaning, disease, or diet phase transitions with Zinpro® ProPath® LQ Zn, the only water-soluble zinc available on the market.

Zinpro ProPath LQ Zn is not available in all markets.

Nutrition Impacts a Pig’s Ability to Overcome Stressors

In times of stress, a wean pig may not be getting the zinc (Zn) and copper (Cu) they need to maintain their health and performance. Nutritional levels of inorganic minerals do not provide the critical benefits offered by Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. Because of our unique pathway to absorption, our solutions ensure that your pigs get the nutrition they need when they need it to thrive in challenging environments.

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Water Is the Second Most Important Nutrient for Pigs Behind Oxygen

Managing a plentiful and clean water system is fundamental to avoiding contaminants, improving feed intake and ensuring the delivery of important trace minerals — especially in times of stress when pigs go off feed. We offer a range of water-soluble solutions to help you reduce mortality and the overall number of medical treatments needed, while increasing weight gain through the nursery phase of production (currently available in the US only).

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Regulation and the Need for Alternative Solutions

There are many pressures affecting our industry which can result in the loss of traditional nutritional technologies in one region or another. We are committed to helping you work through these changes and help you find the right nutritional solutions to keep your pigs and business productive.

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