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As the need for healthy, lean meat continues to grow, we are leading the field of research in turkeys’ performance to help the industry efficiently meet demand. With the right mineral supplementation, producers can greatly improve the overall health and wellbeing of their birds — achieving greater egg production and hatchability, while supporting quality progeny all the way to market weight.
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Solving Production Challenges for Healthier, More Productive Turkeys

When striving to produce high quality eggs and meat at high volumes, there are health issues that can impact the success of your operation. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® utilize a unique pathway for absorption and are proven to improve the welfare of turkeys — with benefits to intestinal health, respiratory system, skin integrity, immune function, lameness and more.

30% Stronger Epithelial Tissue

A Strong Epithelial Barrier Is Critical for Ensuring Gut Health 

As we strive to produce antibiotic-free turkey meat, maintaining intestinal health is more important than ever. Including Zinpro Performance Minerals in turkey diets has been shown to support key health benefits, including improved epithelial barrier support, enhanced gut integrity, better skin & respiratory system, and decreased pathogens in animal tissue — directly impacting the safety of the final product in consumers’ plates.

33% Reduction in Skin Lesions

The Right Nutrition Helps Defend Against Threats to Carcass Quality

Without nutritional support, meat quality can be impacted by live production management, transportation, and storage conditions. Animals fed Zinpro Performance Minerals benefit from improved carcass quality with greater whole carcass skin integrity, reduced footpad dermatitis lesions, bone fractures, and meat oxidative reactions pre and post-mortem —minimizing storage losses in addition to drip and cooking losses.

Lameness and Foot Health Depend on Bone Quality and Skeleton Structure

Locomotion issues are common to turkey flocks, especially in heavier animals that have to distribute greater weight on their legs. The result is often femur spiral fractures, lameness and foot pad lesions, along with other welfare issues, such as aggressive behavior and pecking towards weaker birds. Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown to support better bone quality and skeleton structure, enabling birds to grow and perform to their full genetic potential.

Turkeys Need the Right Care from the Very Beginning

Turkey poults are very sensitive animals. To meet the demand for intensive care in the early stages of life, producers need to provide quality nutrition right from the start. Zinpro® performance solutions applied to turkey breeder diets have been shown to improve not only egg production performance and hatchability, but also the quality of progeny poults until market weight.

Performance Benefits Adding up to 2:1 RO

A study of turkey poults fed Zinpro Performance Minerals over the course of 13 weeks showed significant improvements to bone characteristics and performance compared to the progeny of breeders fed inorganic minerals. The results show that with our solutions, producers can expect an ROI of at least 2:1.

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