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Water is the single most important nutrient for livestock apart from oxygen. On many livestock operations, the quantity and quality of water are often overlooked. To ensure normal digestion and metabolism, proper flow of feed through the intestinal tract, proper nutrient absorption, normal blood volume and tissue requirements, animals need a plentiful supply of good, clean water.

Zinpro® H2O Water Analysis Program™

The Zinpro H2O Water Analysis Program is a step-by-step tool that puts you on the road to optimal water quality. Easily assess your water quality by analyzing and comparing water samples to water quality standards. The results can help you evaluate your water, identify areas of concern and review indicators of potential toxicosis.

Ensuring Quality Water for Your Livestock

Water Sampling

Proper water sampling procedures help to ensure accurate water analysis. It’s important to collect samples from more than one pen, barn or water trough.

Water Analysis

A broad-spectrum water analysis is recommended for the best sampling results. Be sure to analyze for nitrates, sulfates, pH, hardness, total dissolved solids and bacteria as well as the inclusion of minerals such as Ca, Cl, Mg, K, P, Na, Fe, Mn, Cu, and Zn. If the water contains any elements that approach or exceed the upper desired limits for livestock be sure to conduct a follow-up sampling.

Water Problems

There are a variety of water quality concerns that can be detrimental to your livestock’s health and performance. Poor water quality can also damage your equipment. Proper water testing can help determine which water treatments are needed to improve water quality.

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