Overcoming the Stress of Transition

The profitability of your herd depends on your cows successfully navigating the transition period. Challenges in the transition period can have long lasting consequences for your cows that carry well into lactation. Similarly, late pregnancy stress can have an impact on the calf that lasts a lifetime.

Help Cows Succeed Through the Most Challenging
Time in Their Lives

During the transition period, a cow experiences more stress than at any other point in her life. In this difficult time, illness is common and prevention is key. Zinpro® Performance Minerals® have been proven to not only reduce the likelihood of a setback, but also support faster recovery — enabling cows to bounce back as if they’d never been sick at all.

Reduction in Milk Fever Risk
Immunity is Critical to Transition Health and Overall Wellbeing

Many things can impact transition cow immunity. Zinpro Performance Minerals help optimize immune function, leading to decreased somatic cell counts, reduced blood ketones, as well as improved bone calcium metabolism and a 50% reduction in risk of milk fever.

Increase in Pregnancy Rate, 13 Fewer Days Open
Efficient Reproductive Performance Drives Production and Profitability

We work with you to improve reproductive performance by creating an earlier return to ovarian function, resulting in a significant increase in pregnancy rates and fewer days open.

Increase in Colostrum IgG Concentration
High-Quality Colostrum Matters for the Next Generation.

The antibody content of your cows’ colostrum impacts the future of their calves. Our minerals are proven to boost colostrum quality, providing a healthier start and a path to a lifetime of exceptional performance.

Authentic close up shot of a farmer is feeding from the bottle with dummy an ecologically grown newborn calf used for biological milk products industry on a green lawn of a countryside farm.

Lower Somatic Cell Counts. Improved Mammary Health.

Setbacks in the transition period prevent cows from reaching their full genetic potential. Year after year, Zinpro Performance Minerals have been proven to reduce the negative effects of transition stress and disease through improved immune function — improving milk quality through 15% lower somatic cell counts.

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