Healthier Sows and Gilts Are More Productive

Ensuring the wellbeing of sows and gilts is the cornerstone to any profitable production system. Gilts are the future of your operation and proper management and nutrition of both gilts and sows improves their longevity in the herd. This not only improves sow farm performance, but performance in all phases of production. With the right mineral solutions, we can help you lower your cost of production by producing productive and profitable sows and gilts.

Overcoming Production Barriers Through Superior Nutrition

Optimizing the cost of production while keeping your pigs healthy comes with a host of challenges. When you work with us, you get trace mineral nutrition for effective results and better health and performance outcomes.

Reducing Sow Mortality Is Critical for System Profitability

Mortality is a key driver in sow replacements rates, with global sow mortality ranging from 3-15%. Mortality can cost you $20-30 per sow in the US, making the reduction of involuntary removal rates essential for the health of your operation. Lameness is a key contributor to sow mortality accounting for 25% of removals. Our Performance Minerals® and solutions have been proven to reduce sow lameness, significantly reducing mortality in your herd and improving the overall health of the sow.

Achieving Greater Livability Depends on Overall Health

We work to help you realize greater returns on your labor and management investment. By implementing a trace mineral nutrition program that’s proven to support immune competence and build a more robust pig, you can improve the health and livability of your sows — leading to greater profitability and success.

Water Impacts Health and Performance at Every Level

Ensuring the adequate accessibility of clean, palatable water is one of the most important things you can do. Pigs consume almost three times more water than feed — if water intake is off, then feed intake is off as well. Furthermore, since the majority of milk is water, making sure your sows have ready access to high quality, uncontaminated water is fundamental for success. We offer several solutions and water-soluble products to help producers optimize this fundamental resource.

Your Leader in Swine Lameness Prevention

Our global experts have developed a comprehensive program to help you on you journey to prevent lameness in your herd. Learn how to properly identify and prevent lameness, trim sow feet and improve overall performance with our Feet First® Swine Lameness Prevention Program.

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Replacement Gilts Are the Future of Your Sow Farm

Gilts are the future of your operation and proper management is necessary to improve overall herd productivity. Offering the best nutrition in gilt development units with our Performance Minerals helps you to meet the needs of your pigs — ensuring the future performance of your sow herd.

Milk Quality Isn’t Just for Dairy Cows

Sow milk is a nursing piglet’s only source of nutrition. High-quality colostrum during the first hours of a piglet’s life is essential to provide them the passive immunity they need until their active immunity kicks in—this is known as the immunological gap.

Elevate IgG levels in colostrum, increase weaning weights, impart piglets with greater antioxidative capacity, minimize leaky gut and maximize the effectiveness of vaccines with our solutions. Help piglets bridge the immunological gap.

Inflammation Can Cause Major Production Issues

While inflammation is a vital part of the pig’s immune response to injuries and invading pathogens, unmanaged chronic inflammation causes problems with reproductive performance and lactation — ultimately leading to increases in mortality and decreased piglet performance. Our mineral solutions and industry-leading inflammation management programs help you mitigate potential issues before they can get out of hand.

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