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Every year, your bulls represent a substantial investment for your operation and ensuring they receive the right nutrition is key. Our performance solutions have been proven to enhance overall fertility and hoof health in bulls for reliable breeding and longevity.

Year-Round Supplementation Yields Significant Production Benefits

Bulls are responsible for 50% of the breeding equation. When you provide for their wellbeing and health, you unlock immense benefits that maximize their overall fertility and mobility — and serve as a catalyst for faster breed-back and consistent herd coverage.

Increase in Progressive Sperm Motility

Sperm Quality Directly Impacts Breeding Success

Feeding Zinpro® Performance Minerals® like Zinpro® Availa® 4 to bulls has been proven to produce a dramatic increase in sperm motility, even when under heat stress.

Earlier Puberty Develop­ment

Earlier Development Means Earlier ROI

Studies show that our performance solutions stimulate earlier puberty development. In a USDA and Montana State trial, bulls fed Zinpro Availa 4 reached puberty over two weeks earlier than bulls fed inorganic minerals.

Or More Foot Rot Reduction in Pasture Cattle

Hoof Health is Critical for Effective Reproduction

Bulls require sound feet to service the cow herd, and poor hoof health is often the reason that a bull is retired early. Zinpro Performance Minerals reduce lameness incidents and support the mobility necessary for bulls to cover the herd effectively.

Less Morbidity

Greater Overall Health Improves Overall Performance

Year-round supplementation provides a host of health benefits. It prepares animals to deal with heat stress, supports immune function to stave off illness and sets up cattle for consistent lifetime performance.

Proven to Get More Performance From Your Investment

Zinpro Performance Minerals utilize a unique pathway for superior absorption and uptake that generates a significant ROI versus other mineral sources. Supplementing with Zinpro Availa 4 has been proven to maximize bull fertility and improve hoof health — while serving as a catalyst for earlier puberty in developing bulls and better overall sperm motility.

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