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Celebrating 50 Years of Innovation

2021 marks our 50th anniversary and we are proud to celebrate 50 years of setting the bar for nutritional health solutions, services and science. Since the beginning we’ve been the driving force behind countless advances in science, seen exponential growth and established our presence as the leader in providing comprehensive, proven nutritional solutions. A lot has changed in the past 50 years, but we’re still a family-owned business and our goal remains unchanged — to achieve better health and wellbeing for animals and people across the globe. We are proud of our past and look forward to what lies ahead.  

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50 years is a remarkable achievement. Established in humble roots, we’ve grown into a global family business of customers and employees. Today we celebrate this achievement alongside each of you. It is our joy to serve you, those who have a passion for improving the lives of animals and people — allowing each to thrive and live their best life. You push us to do better and be more. We’ve achieved this milestone through your hard work and dedication. To all of our customers and employees around the world, this anniversary is a celebration of you, and our promise to stay committed to you for the next 50 years and beyond. 

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Explore Over 50 Years of Innovation

In that past half century, we’ve reached our fair share of milestones. Take a look at what led to the Zinpro® of today.

Dean Anderson

Dean Anderson creates his first product at home — realizing his visionary dream to use zinc to improve animal nutrition.


Zinpro Corporation is founded in Iowa ushering in decades of sustained growth thanks to a commitment to quality products, quality people, and a focus on one thing: trace mineral nutrition.

Founders Dean and Mary Anderson officially incorporate Zinpro in 1971

Founders Dean and Mary Anderson officially incorporate Zinpro in Excelsior, Minnesota, marketing its first Zinpro® Performance Minerals® product: ZINPRO® 40 (ZINPRO zinc methionine).


Zinpro® 200 zinc methionine and METH-IRON 65 ferric methionine join Zinpro’s original line of trace mineral complexes.

Zinpro Mexico regional office

Zinpro opens its Mexico regional office.

Zinpro® 100 is introduced, completing the zinc methionine line of products.


The first Zinpro manganese product, Zinpro® MANPRO® manganese methionine is introduced.

Zinpro Ocenia regional office

Zinpro opens its Oceania regional office.

Zinpro founder Dean Anderson

Company founder Dean Anderson passes away. His son, Michael Anderson, becomes President and CEO.

The Anderson Foundation is created in recognition of the humane and giving spirit of Dean and Mary Anderson.

Zinpro manufacturing facility in Garner, Iowa

The first Zinpro first manufacturing facility is built in Garner, Iowa.

Zinpro Availa

On the 25th anniversary Zinpro® Availa® is introduced to the world — a first-of-its-kind line of amino acid complexes unlike anything else on the market.

Zinpro opens regional offices in both Europe and Japan.

Zinpro regional offices

Zinpro opens two more regional offices, one in China and one in South America.

Zinpro manufacturing facility in North Branch, Minnesota

Zinpro opens a second manufacturing facility in North Branch, Minnesota, as well as a new global headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Zinpro regional office in Thailand

Zinpro opens a new regional office in Thailand.

Dairy cow with farmer

The innovative Zinpro dairy cattle locomotion system is introduced.

Zinpro office in Amman, Jordan

Zinpro opens an office in Amman, Jordan to expand the business in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).


Zinpro establishes the 5 R’s-Performance Mineral Essential criteria: Return, Response, Repeatability, Research and Reassurance.


Zinpro hosts the world’s first Sow Lameness Symposium in Minneapolis, with additional symposiums held in Brazil and Thailand.

Zinpro completes an expansion to its Garner, Iowa manufacturing facility.


Zinpro launches its Zinpro® FirstStep® Lameness Assessment and Prevention Program, providing a comprehensive assessment of overall lameness risk factors on a dairy.


Zinpro introduces the Zinpro® Step Up® Lameness Management Program.

Zinpro opens a manufacturing facility in Shell Rock, Iowa.


Four new apps launch Zinpro into the smart-device era: Zinpro® Equine App™, Zinpro® DD Check App™, Zinpro FirstStep App and the Zinpro Step-Up App.


Zinpro® Availa® Cr is launched in China, expanding the company’s international footprint following the launch of Zinpro® Availa® Plus in Europe the previous year.

William Scrimgeour

William Scrimgeour becomes President and CEO, with Rob Sheffer named as COO.


Zinpro® ProPath® is announced — The most versatile and sustainable Zinpro Performance Mineral for all species to date.

The Russian Federation regional office is opened.


Zinpro surpasses 250 peer-reviewed research publications across multiple species.


Rob Sheffer becomes President and CEO following William Scrimgeour’s retirement.


Zinpro launches two global tools, the Zinpro® BlueBox™ and Zinpro® Perfect Carcass® tool — both designed to assist poultry producers in increasing and maximizing their production and profitability.


Elemend® Health LLC., a subsidiary of Zinpro Corp., launches Mend + Defend® — a line of premium human nutritional supplements featuring trace minerals, colostrum and probiotics.


Zinpro launches a bold rebrand that represents its passion and commitment for the future: Zinpro® Advancing Performance Together™.


May 18, 2021 – Zinpro celebrates 50 years of business.


With 11 offices worldwide and products in over 70 countries, Zinpro continues to improve the health and wellbeing of animals and people for a better, more sustainable world.

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