Give Calves the Best Start With Premolac® Colostrum

Feeding calves high-quality colostrum on day one of life is critical for ensuring the health, immunity, and growth necessary for a lifetime of optimal performance. Using our proprietary PathWhey℠ technology consistently delivers high concentrations of immunoglobulins (IgG) and other immune factors to your calves. Premolac Colostrum is made from 100% Grade A bovine colostrum providing benefits unmatched by other replacers and supplements.

Where Biology and Technology Meet

Our proprietary PathWhey technology gently removes the non-immune components of colostrum — such as fat and casein — and concentrates only the nutrient-dense whey fraction to deliver high levels of immune components. This gives calves colostrum with higher quantities of IgG and growth factors that support healthy immune and inflammatory responses.

The PathWhey to Healthier Calves

Not all colostrum products are created equal. Some delivered ingredients that calves don’t require while others are not absorbed well because they are impeded by fat and non-essential proteins.

Zinpro Performance Colostrum utilizes a one-of-a-kind proprietary process to separate what the calf needs from what she doesn’t to create a product that ends up directly in the small intestine.

Check out our video to discover the benefits for healthier, more productive calves.

Use Premolac as a Colostrum Replacer

With its high IgG content and unmatched solubility, studies have shown that Premolac has a 98%+ successful passive transfer of immunity rate when used as a replacer.

Use Premolac to Supplement Maternal Colostrum

When used as a supplement to maternal colostrum, Premolac significantly increases IgG absorption efficiency and immune status in newborn calves.

70% Less Mortality
Use Premolac as a Daily Health Supplement

Premolac is also a highly effective daily health supplement, with studies showing a 70% reduction in mortality rates when incorporated into milk or milk replacer.


Why High-Quality Colostrum Is Critical

Born with essentially no immune system, calves rely exclusively on colostrum to provide protection during the first few weeks of life. Consumption of high-quality colostrum provides passive immunity while the calf’s immune system develops. Failure to provide passive immunity can result in increased calf sickness and death.

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