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Only the Zinpro® BlueBox™ Tells the Full Story of Eggshell Translucency

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Eggshell quality is on every poultry farmers’ mind.  We have more than six years of data correlations between translucency and eggshell quality.  Combining the Zinpro® knowledge on trace minerals and the use of this translucency device, the Zinpro BlueBox, has helped us finally put the puzzle of eggshell quality together in a way never seen before.  

Whether you grow or manage broiler breeders or you are a producer of table eggs, eggshell quality is a top priority for your operation. For table egg producers, eggshell quality is important for ensuring that the eggs stay intact throughout the supply chain. For breeders, it’s about developing strong, hatchable eggs to improve embryo livability. In either market, cracked or broken eggs negatively impact your bottom line. 

For the past 8 years Zinpro has developed pioneering research and tools to analyze an often-overlooked parameter that must be monitored with eggshell quality: translucency. Our groundbreaking research in this area has now proven that translucent eggshells are a sign that the eggs did not form properly and can result in broken eggshells and reduced hatchability. When you use the Zinpro BlueBox methodology, our experts are able to see through eggshells that have high levels of translucency. 

Quality Matters: Eggshells Are Daily Risk to Your ROI  

Eggshell quality must be monitored constantly. Since eggs are formed and produced daily, eggshell quality can fluctuate just as often, creating stressors and unknown risks that you must face and navigate every single day. For example, you may see good eggshell quality today, but all it takes is one hot day to have a negative impact tomorrow. Or it could be as simple as the stress of having an unfamiliar face enter the barn on a given day. Farm sanitation and biosecurity can also play a role because diseases and infections can cause changes to eggshell quality, reflected on the translucency evaluation.  

When we partner with our customers, we take the time to look at all of the factors that can increase eggshell translucency. Those insights allow us to explore solutions together for improving eggshell quality in your operation, which leads to better ROI. 

The Right Tool Makes All the Difference 

One of the first steps to improving your eggshell quality is fully understanding the current state your operation is in, and the best way to do that is to evaluate the translucency of the eggshells your birds are producing.  

The Zinpro BlueBox is a unique and the only scientifically proven eggshell quality evaluation tool with a published paper, as well as proven methodology presented at the Poultry Science Association meeting and developed with a specific non-invasive measuring system to assess the structure of eggs. This tool gives you powerful results that will help address specific and tangible opportunities for production and nutritional improvement towards stronger ROI. 

Zinpro BlueBox provides more than insights – it provides you the power of knowledge and to make decisions that drive towards your flock’s full potential. Let’s look at this even more specifically for breeders and layers to demonstrate what I mean.  

Zinpro Bluebox in Breeders Image
Zinpro Bluebox in Layers Image

The Power of Partnership: Identifying Your Maximum Potential Together 

Our team is passionate about poultry, and we’re invested in the success of your business. When we combine our different expertise and experiences with the powerful insights of Zinpro BlueBox, we’ll be able to help your flock reach its ultimate potential.  

You can learn more about our Zinpro BlueBox tool here. When you’re ready to learn more or are interested in a demonstration of the tool, connect with a team member in your region here

Sign up for a BlueBox assessment and check out our Global Poultry Mineral guide for a formulation recommendation that meets the needs of your layers operation.