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What if you could advance nature, improve sustainability and grow your business – all while enabling dairy cows to be better cows? What if you could do all of those things with one breakthrough? Introducing Zinpro® IsoFerm®.

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Zinpro IsoFerm is the Only Nutrient of Its Kind

Optimize productivity and profitability when feeding this essential nutrient. Zinpro IsoFerm is a proprietary blend of branched-chained volatile fatty acids designed to enhance rumen function by directly feeding the fiber digesting microbes. By enhancing this process, Zinpro IsoFerm enables dairy cows to be better cows while improving fiber digestion and protein utilization.

Field observations conducted in more than 50 herds representing over 70,000 cows have proven that cows optimize productivity and profitability through:

Zinpro IsoFerm is the Breakthrough You’ve Been Looking For

The essential nutrient that gives you the power to elevate your nutritional mastery, Zinpro IsoFerm enables diets to be delivered at a level that has never been possible before.

By directly fueling the rumen, this one-of-a-kind innovation provides game-changing advancements in farm efficiency and profitability, which drive operational and environmental sustainability.

Do More with Less

Lead the charge in operational and environmental sustainability while still driving profits with Zinpro IsoFerm. This innovation unlocks a new level of performance and productivity by increasing energy-corrected milk, improving efficiency while reducing dry matter intake and feed inputs.

Zinpro IsoFerm promotes on-farm sustainability, allowing fewer inputs and greater stewardship of resources – improving environmental sustainability for all.

Fueling a Natural Process

Zinpro IsoFerm provides a unique blend of branched-chained volatile fatty acids which are essential nutrients specific to rumen fiber-digesting bacteria. These nutrients act as flexible and readily available carbon sources, utilized with highly digestible protein to produce much needed microbial protein and energy.

When you feed rumen bacteria directly, cows increase their energy and microbial protein production. This reduces the need for greater dry matter intake and helps cows to increase performance with fewer inputs.

Proud Recipient of a 2023 PDPW Nexus® Innovation Award

Dairy professionals rely on innovative ideas and technologies to help them successfully manage and make decisions that drive their business productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

The Professional Dairy Producers® (PDPW) launched the Nexus® Innovation Award to connect these professionals with the thought leaders developing the next generation of innovations that will help them reach their goals.

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***Zinpro IsoFerm is currently available throughout the U.S., Mexico and select European countries. Additional geographies will be added in 2024.

Experience the Difference

As your trusted nutrition partner, you can be confident when choosing Zinpro IsoFerm that it’s backed by the same research, expertise and superior quality that you’ve come to trust from Zinpro®.

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