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Zinpro ProPath Performance Minerals is our innovative line of trace minerals that have redefined the premium standard against which all others are compared. Our patented molecule is designed for performance, providing superior uptake and absorption by utilizing the amino acid transport system to deliver the most efficient and effective nutrition on the market. Zinpro ProPath, the result of decades of scientific innovation and proven by animal data, is a breakthrough in premium animal nutrition. Zinpro ProPath is a dry feed application and Zinpro ProPath LQ products are for liquid feed applications.

Zinpro ProPath – Zinpro’s Latest Innovation

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Zinpro ProPath Products for Dry Feed and Liquid Feed Application

Zinpro ProPath Performance Minerals are available in our original Zinpro ProPath formulation for dry feed and liquid feed applications. Exceptionally stable, soluble and adaptable across species and formulations. Zinpro ProPath supports outstanding animal health, wellbeing and performance for operational excellence. All products may not be available in all countries.

Zinpro Original Products Help Improve Animal Health and Wellbeing

Our Zinpro Original line products combine a known amino acid with a single metal ion to form specific chemical entities. The result – the most readily available form of trace minerals that help improve overall animal health and wellbeing. Products may not be available in all countries.

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