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We conduct a wider array of research studies than anyone else in our industry. That’s why we’re able to provide comprehensive solutions, backed by science for a variety of species.

A Range of Products Fit for Any Operation

At Zinpro®, we have products being utilized by feed companies to formulate and supply the best trace mineral nutrition for a unique mix of animals. Our products are available in complete feeds, concentrates and mineral supplements across the country and our team of experts is ready to help connect you with a dealer or supplier to take advantage of our unrivaled mineral technology.

Sheep and Goats

Our research focused on sheep and goats helps us provide comprehensive solutions to ensure the best health and overall wellbeing for your flock. From keeping lambs and kids healthy the moment they hit the ground to improving their growth, ensuring they have a productive life, Zinpro® Performance Minerals® support the lifetime performance of the animal — even through breeding and gestation.

Zinpro® Lifetime Performance® Results for Sheep


Research has shown ewes fed zinc from Zinpro Performance Minerals (ZPM) resulted in an 8% increase in IgG concentration compared to ewes fed the control diet. An average increase in IgG content of 28% across three studies has also been shown in dairy cows fed ZPM. In addition, a 10% improvement in percentage of lambs weaned was achieved in the ZPM group, compared to those in the Control group.


Lambs born to ewes fed zinc from ZPM had higher average daily gain (ADG) from day 0 to 69 than lambs born to ewes fed the Control diet. Research has shown early lamb growth can be influenced by feeding ewes a more bioavailable source of zinc during late gestation through weaning


Ewes fed ZPM for 60 days during lambing season showed foot lesion scores averaging 43% lower than ewes fed the Control.


Feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals results in more total oocytes, and more culturable oocytes, resulting in a greater quantity of high-quality, transferable and freezable embryos. Another important factor of reproduction is semen quality. Adequate levels of zinc, copper and manganese are essential for hormone synthesis, testicular development and semen quality.

Camelids – Llamas, Alpacas and Camels

Finding the right nutritional solutions for your llama, alpaca or camel can be a challenge as a limited amount of research has been done and little is known. Experts who partner with Zinpro have studied these animals in their native habitats around the world and recognize the importance of trace minerals in their diets. Lifetime benefits are possible when including Zinpro Performance Minerals in the diets of your llamas, alpacas or camels as they help optimize production parameters, immunity, reproduction and foot health.

Game Birds

Game birds are a recognized and valued business. At Zinpro, we are known for our work in poultry production and our team of experts has taken that knowledge and applied it to the game bird industry. Unlike any other trace mineral company, we have conducted research on game birds, including pheasants and quail, to understand and demonstrate the benefits of enhancing feed by including Zinpro Performance Minerals.

Birds supplemented with Zinpro showed marked improvements in feathering, gain and most importantly survivability post-hatch.


Deer, elk and other exotic hoofed animals have unique nutritional requirements. They not only go through the stresses of growth, development and reproduction, they also face nutritional challenges when fighting diseases specific to their species. Zinpro minerals help animals achieve stronger nutritional status, enhancing growth while benefiting both producers and consumers.

Higher levels of trace minerals are indicative of stronger, more robust antlers and bone in deer. In white tail deer, research has shown increases in trace mineral status when supplemented with Zinpro Performance Minerals.

Zinpro Lifetime Performance Solutions

Zinpro® Original Line

Our Zinpro Original products combine a known amino acid with a single metal ion to form specific chemical entities. The result is the most readily available form of trace minerals for the best ROI in the market.

Zinpro® Eco Organic

Specifically developed for the U.S. organic feed ingredient market and approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in the production of organic foods — saving time and expense for feed formulation reviews.

Zinpro® Availa®

Zinpro Avalia- Mins products are manufactured with a patented process that breaks down a pure source of protein into free amino acids, and then complexes them into the most readily available trace minerals for strong ROI.

Zinpro® ProPath®

A groundbreaking line of trace minerals that utilizes the amino acid transport system for superior performance, uptake, and absorption — delivering the most efficient and effective nutrition available.  

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