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The sustained growth of the shrimp industry has brought new challenges to the health and profitability of your animals and operation. To help you continue to thrive, we are constantly innovating advanced nutritional products and solutions that improve growth performance, meat quality and immunity through superior trace mineral supplementation.

Growing Your Production in the Face of Growing Challenges

Environmental and economical factors such as disease outbreaks and low market prices challenge sustainability of shrimp industry growth. For you to succeed, you must ensure your shrimp have the resilience necessary to contend with viruses and bacteria, while producing a sustainable and safe product for market. Research shows that trace minerals are an effective and efficient way of achieving this.

Up to 16.7% Better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

Cost-Efficient Growth Is Necessary for Success

At the end of the day, ensuring the maximum outputs for your input is what drives profitability. When feed accounts for over 50% of production costs, utilizing solutions like Zinpro® Performance Minerals® that are research-proven to improve feed conversion is absolutely essential.

Immunity and Resilience Depends on Overall Wellbeing

Preventative vaccination is impossible for shrimp because as invertebrates they lack the ability to acquire immunity. Instead, they must rely on their innate immune response when challenged by pathogens. Trace minerals play a critical, yet often underrated role in giving shrimp the support they need to resist illness — positively impacting key health biomarkers and reducing mortality rates in challenge trials.

Food Quality and Security Present Greater Opportunity.

Consumers are concerned with the quality and safety of their product. That’s why the biosecurity, farm management and nutritional solutions we provide are so important for ensuring the health and productivity of your operation.

Zinpro Performance Minerals have been shown to boost the antioxidant capacity of shrimp in only three weeks, allowing astaxanthin to be diverted for pigmentation purposes instead of antioxidant functions (sparing effect) — saving $66 US per ton of feed while increasing the value and marketability of shrimp.

With 50% of Costs Going to Feed, FCR is Key for ROI.

At Zinpro®, we understand the value our customers put on their feed conversion ratio (FCR). That’s why choosing the right trace mineral source and level is so crucial for success. Our shrimp solutions are designed to maximize your return on investment with advanced nutritional technology that’s proven to be more effective than any other trace mineral source on the market.

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