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Calves depend on us to provide them with all the essential nutrients they need to be successful. Research shows that by fortifying your milk replacers and dry feeds with Zinpro® Performance Minerals®, together we can set your calves up for healthier & more productive lives, paying dividends for your business down the line. 

Full Potential Starts at Birth

With all the factors that can impact calves’ wellbeing and productivity, feeding Zinpro Performance Minerals to dairy calves contributes to improved growth, better health and greater feed efficiency.

Heavier at Weaning

Weight Gain is Crucial for Future Success

It’s critical for a calf to gain sufficient weight before weaning. Consuming Zinpro Performance Minerals from the start leads to improved average daily gain through weaning and beyond. 

Greater Feed Efficiency

Better Nutrition Leads to Better Feed Efficiency

Many factors can affect feed efficiency in dairy calves. Zinpro Performance Minerals drive feed efficiency, generating a 12.3% improvement through weaning.

Proper Gut Health Helps Overcome Heat Stress

Our solutions minimize the impact of heat stress on calves and help them to better tolerate adverse conditions by improving their gut health, supporting intake and reducing the likelihood of scours.

Higher Body Weights Mean Greater ROI 

Healthier calves grow better. Zinpro Performance Minerals economically and efficiently improve body weight gain in early life by as much as 15.4 lbs through the weaning stage, setting them up for future success.

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