Zinpro® ProPath® Zn

Zinpro ProPath Zn 170 (zinc amino acid complex) is a nutritional feed ingredient for all species that contains organic zinc. It is built from a unique, patented trace mineral product that combines two specific amino acids, each bound (or complexed) to a separate zinc ion, in a stable, 1:1 ratio.

Zinpro ProPath Zn 170, delivers exceptional benefits to animals and customers. These benefits include a highly concentrated mineral formulation, superior uptake and absorption, biological efficacy, diet flexibility and consistency, product stability, solubility and sustainability.

Flexible for use in a wide variety of diets, such as conventional or specialty (like non-GMO), Zinpro ProPath Zn 170 relies on two synergistic, amino-acid absorption pathways (cationic and anionic) to elevate zinc mineral nutrition in the animal. Optimizing these pathways allows zinc to be more effectively absorbed and metabolically available in the animal’s organs, tissues and enzyme systems.

The trace mineral zinc is required by animals for numerous functions, including: immunity, reproduction, skin and hoof integrity, muscle development, milk production and eggshell quality. In addition, when an animal has the proper balance of trace minerals, it is better able to cope with the challenging effects of stress.

Zinpro® Performance Minerals® are the most bioavailable trace minerals on the market, which means more of the minerals are absorbed by the animal to deliver their full benefit. For more than 50 years, Zinpro Performance Minerals have delivered positive animal performance responses and a strong return on investment in operations around the world.

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