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Take Dairy Cow Performance to the Next Level

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As a dairy nutritionist, you know a finely tuned rumen unlocks a dairy cow’s performance potential. If you’re like many nutritionists, you analyze every detail in the diet to make sure the rumen works as efficiently as possible to provide the nutrients the cow requires for optimal production.  Afterall, that’s what makes a cow unique. However, there’s still a lot of uncertainty and inefficiency involved when it comes to knowing exactly what nutrients the rumen will produce to meet the cow’s nutritional needs.  

By fueling the rumen directly, you can optimize the natural fermentation process and make it more efficient. It’s your goal to take a customers’ herd performance to the next level and to secure profitability wherever possible. Now, you have the ability to apply breakthrough technology to your nutritional strategy and enhance rumen performance in a way that previously wasn’t possible. 

An Inefficient Rumen is Costing You 

Every dairy herd, and even each dairy cow, has a unique set of productivity challenges – these are heightened when the rumen is underperforming. If the rumen does not have what it needs to function, the cow’s health and ability to produce is compromised, decreasing wellbeing, profits and operational sustainability. 

When the rumen isn’t receiving necessary nutrients, dry matter inefficiency increases and you are feeding more inputs for less milk. It’s an unproductive cycle that lowers profits and makes farms less sustainable. The dairy industry knows that feeding fiber-digesting rumen microbes is essential to improve milk production, but until now, we have lacked a direct way to feed them. 

An Essential Nutrient to Fuel Rumen Performance

“Ten years ago, I was convinced that cows require branched-chain VFAs, but there was no way to directly supplement them. I see potential to improve or maintain production with less inputs, reduce the environmental impact and drive feed efficiency with a product like this.” – Dr. Mike Van Amburgh. 

Zinpro® IsoFerm®, the only product of its kind on the market, is an essential nutrient that directly feeds the rumen’s fiber-digesting microbes. This technology allows you to improve rumen efficiency, address productivity challenges and have confidence you’re achieving the best herd performance possible. By enhancing fiber digestion with a unique blend of isoacids, this essential nutrient equips the rumen to do more with less by emulating the natural fermentation process. The ability to directly feed these microbes allows for greater flexibility with dairy ration formulation and meeting individual producer needs – creating opportunity to achieve performance goals in new, creative ways. 

Field observations conducted in over 70,000 cows have proven that when the rumen operates at maximum efficiency, cow performance can be transformed with: 

  • 2% decreased dry matter intake 
  • 4.3% increased energy corrected milk 
  • 5.5% improved dairy feed efficiency
  • Lower inputs for improved environmental and operational sustainability 

When the cow is doing more with less, there is room for smarter use of feed inputs and added flexibility for forage utilization and protein sourcing. Not only can you unlock a new level of performance, but you can use this versatile, one-of-a-kind ingredient to find the best way to formulate a diet and drive profitability for every farm. 

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