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Elevate Your Nutritional Mastery 

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As a dairy nutritionist, you strive to bring the best to your clients. They trust you to optimize cow productivity while keeping a sharp eye on their profitability.  Adapting and fine-tuning the most optimal, precise diets for the best performance is what you do best. But what if you could make your best even better?  

How can you advance nature, improve sustainability and drive profitability in dairy cows? Zinpro® now has the breakthrough solution that, when paired with your nutritional expertise, will enable cows to be better cows. A game-changing technology enhancing rumen performance that allows you to demonstrate your nutritional mastery.  

Don’t Let Untapped Potential Cost You 

As market pressures and feed costs continue to increase, it’s imperative for cows to perform at their best and do more with less. This means the rumen must be operating at optimal efficiency, making the most of everything – you need to make the rumen operate at its best. You can do this by feeding a combination of rumen degradable and undegradable protein, but it’s expensive. The most cost-efficient way to fuel cows is by feeding the rumen microbes directly, reducing the need for costly protein and making smarter use of feed inputs. 

When the rumen is performing at its best, cows have a greater potential to meet their full energy and protein production needs without having to eat more. This provides the opportunity to maintain or potentially reduce dry matter intake while supporting improved milk production. Cows also can more easily maintain body weight and regulate body temperature, improving herd resiliency. When the rumen is not performing, untapped potential exists throughout the herd.  

A Nutritional Breakthrough in Dairy 

It’s important that you stay on the cutting edge of new technologies and demonstrate nutritional precision and expertise as you continue equipping cows to be more efficient. Now, you can elevate your craft and be confident walking onto a farm equipped with a proven, one-of-a-kind solution to help advance herd performance and improve your customer’s profitability. 

Zinpro® IsoFerm® is a breakthrough innovation in dairy ration formulation – the only product of this kind on the market today. By providing essential nutrients specific to rumen fiber-digesting bacteria, the branched-chain volatile fatty acids (BCVFAs) provided by Zinpro IsoFerm act as readily available carbon sources to be utilized with highly digestible protein to produce much needed microbial protein and energy. These are primary sources of key amino acids and VFAs needed for production of milk by the mammary gland. By directly feeding the rumen bacteria they increase their energy and microbial protein production, reducing the need for greater dry matter intake while fueling cows to increase performance with fewer inputs.  

By further equipping cows to operate efficiently, you have greater diet flexibility and the opportunity for greater inclusion of forage and non-forage fiber feedstuffs. This essential nutrient makes NDF more digestible, thus empowering cows to be better cows while doing more with less to achieve: 

The opportunity to improve efficiency without asking the cow to do more is now available. As we partner for continuous performance, Zinpro wants to support you as you drive dairy nutrition and animal performance to new levels.

Unlock Performance with Zinpro® IsoFerm®