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Dairy Cattle Nutrition

Since 1971, Zinpro Corporation has focused on one thing: trace mineral nutrition. As the industry leader, our time-tested and proven performance minerals are the only true performance minerals on the market. As the most research-proven organic trace mineral products in the industry, Zinpro Performance Minerals® deliver performance and profitability to dairy operations around the world. Our industry-leading trace minerals for dairy cattle include: 4-Plex®CAvaila®4, Availa®Dairy, Availa®-Plus, ZINPRO® (zinc methionine) and Availa®Zn (zinc amino acid complex).

Lactating Dairy Cow Nutrition


Research shows that proper trace mineral supplementation delivers numerous profit-points in the lactating herd including: immunity, fertility, mammary health, claw integrity, milk production and milk quality.


Dry Cow Nutrition

Dry Cows

Beginning trace mineral supplementation in the dry and prepartum periods and continuing through lactation is critical for improving fertility, maintaining claw integrity and increasing production of dairy cattle in the subsequent lactation.


Replacement Heifer Nutrition


Future herd success depends on the quality of replacement heifers entering the herd. Proper trace mineral nutrition during this critical period plays a key role in important heifer development factors including: feed efficiency, claw integrity and immune function.


Dairy Cattle Lameness

Dairy Cattle Lameness

Dairy producers can be welfare-focused and reap significant benefits by decreasing cattle lameness. By decreasing overall herd culling through improved foot health, fertility and milk production, taking steps to minimize dairy lameness is well worth the investment in your business and the industry.



Introducing Availa®Dairy

The Availa-Dairy product formulation features increased levels of zinc, manganese and cobalt, and a lower level of copper. Learn more about the benefits of this new formulation.

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Feed the Best for a Lifetime

At Zinpro, we believe to truly thrive, dairy cattle must receive optimum trace mineral nutrition throughout their life stages.

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Availa Plus

Availa®Plus For Dairy and Beef Cattle

Availa®Plus is designed to help promote health from the inside out. Learn more about this approach to foot health management.


Try the DD Check App

Identify, record and understand digital dermatis (DD) prevalence with the new DD Check App for iPad and iPhone.


Learn more about ProPath Performance Minerals

ProPath Line

ProPath Performance Minerals® are designed to deliver superior mineral uptake and absorption for optimum biological efficacy. Learn more about how ProPath supports superior animal nutrition.

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