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Fortify the Future™ Through Sustainable Animal Agriculture

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Sustainability and agriculture are two words that haven’t always gone hand in hand. Over the past few years, misperceptions have multiplied about agriculture’s role and its impact on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from livestock.

Did you know that livestock agrifood systems are responsible for only 12% of all man-made GHG emissions? This is down from 14% in the previous U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization report. While a lot of work remains, many now see agriculture as part of the solution to positively impact our future.

At Zinpro®, we must consider the entire planet and strive to create a more sustainable future. Zinpro nutritional solutions contribute to less than 0.5% of a diet or ration but provide important benefits in improved health, wellbeing, productivity, feed efficiency and longevity while supporting more profitable farming outcomes.

Is Supporting Sustainable Animal Agriculture Feasible in Our Growing World?

As we work to define what sustainability means for animal agriculture and our world, we face a dilemma: animal sustainability and productivity present themselves as opposing goals. Often, we see small farms portrayed as sustainable and large operations presented as hazards. In reality, we know both of these scenarios can be sustainable if they are highly productive and efficient. Both can manage livestock and use resources effectively. As we discover how to best do this, it’s critical that we ensure the future of animal agriculture remains viable for generations to come.

With global population increasing and resources becoming more limited, we must consider the entire planet and strive to make a positive impact in everything we do. More than just dietary fortification, we must fortify our production practices, tools and our methods of business operation to provide for a long and successful future.

Our Commitment for Sustainable Animal Agriculture

We believe that livestock, poultry and aquaculture can be a part of the climate change solution, helping sequester carbon while providing healthy, wholesome protein for a growing global population.

Fortify the Future™ is our ongoing commitment to integrating sustainability in all we do, fortifying not only animals, but families, communities and the earth too, now and for generations to come.

Our sustainability commitment is rooted in four key pillars that are at the heart of our business.

  • Environmental: Optimizing our operations and reducing our footprint to preserve our resources for future generations.
  • Economic: Including proven animal nutrition as part of animal diets leads to economic savings in feed efficiency, stronger animal health and improved performance.
  • Technical: Through deep research and technical expertise, we are innovating science-based solutions to increase on-farm performance and sustainability.
  • Social: Charitable giving, volunteerism and community service programs are necessary to sustain strong communities.

Fortify the Future is not just a commitment, it’s how we conduct business within our global communities and will continue advancing sustainable solutions. In 2023, our teams applied partnership and innovation to promote sustainability within each of our pillars:

  • Environmental: A pilot project revealed we can save 800,000 liters of water annually in one of our Zinpro manufacturing plants and has opened the door to multiply this impact across our facilities.
  • Economic: In-feed solutions have improved animal performance and supported greater efficiency across dairy, beef, swine and poultry operations.
  • Technical: Zinpro helps protect cattle health, achieving lower mortality risk in cow herds, reducing liver abscesses in the feedyard and creating higher igG absorption in dairy calves.
  • Social: Our team has volunteered more than 1,400 hours throughout our communities in 2023 to address important issues like food scarcity, poverty and mental health.

We are responsible for building a better future for our families, our customer partners, our business and the world we live in. We continue improving animal nutrition to enhance efficiency and increase production. Simultaneously, we are implementing science-based solutions to improve on-farm performance, and creating initiatives focused on the issues impacting our communities.

Partner with Zinpro to Fortify the Future

At Zinpro, we are working toward a more sustainable future for all. We support our people and the communities where we live and work, as well as our customer partners, distributors, suppliers and the industries we serve. Learn more about our commitment to Fortify the Future in our 2023 Sustainability Report.