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Bounce Back Faster: Setting Your Feedlot Calves Up for Success

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As calves across the country are weaned, and travel to and converge in feedlots, it is crucial to reduce stress and equip them to perform at maximum potential. Avoiding dips in productivity during receiving by protecting health and wellbeing ensures cattle can be productive without missing a beat, protecting your investment.

Conquer Receiving Obstacles and Level the Playing Field

You have no way to know the history of each calf that steps onto the lot. Calves arrive at the feedlot from a myriad of locations and sources. Each load originates from a different geography and backgrounding experience, needing to acclimate to a new location, climate, feed source and new pen mates. With calves experiencing these stressors, the pressure is on to ensure each one, regardless of background, is equipped to acclimate quickly and effectively.  

Time spent in transit can increase acclimation time. New calves are battling dehydration, depleted mineral stores and low energy as they step off the trailer – making them prime targets for immune challenges and decreased productivity.  

How can you prevent productivity loss and make sure calves are starting strong? If you can ensure every animal has the same starting line when entering the feedlot, productivity and profitability can be protected. 

Optimize Performance from the Start

Leveling the playing field regardless of background is possible and you can have assurance every calf is equipped to hit the ground running. Restoring nutrients depleted from transportation and acclimation stress is key to transforming productivity and achieving optimal wellbeing throughout the feedlot phase. 

Restoring lost nutrients equalizes the starting line by improving immunity and thus, performance. Feeding Zinpro® as an animal health support tool enhances the calf’s ability to defend itself and remain productive resulting in a 16:1 return on investment during the first 45 days post-arrival, driven by increased average daily gain and reduced morbidity. Achieving higher performance benchmarks and spending less time and labor on treating sick calves further secures feedlot profitability. 

With improved performance and reduced disease loss, Zinpro keeps calves thriving from receiving through finishing. At receiving, Zinpro® Profusion® Drench provides calves a multi-day dose of essential trace minerals and vitamins restoring what was lost during transportation and strengthening immunity as they acclimate. Losses due to respiratory disease can also be reduced by using Zinpro ProFusion Drench as ancillary therapy in the hospital. 

Once calves are adjusted, Zinpro® Availa® 4 locks in performance benefits by serving as a consistent nutrient source in the diet. With Zinpro Availa 4, feedlots experience 20% fewer pulls of sick calves and greater average daily gain.  

In addition to proven nutrition, prioritizing fresh water, loose hay and a clean, dry place to rest gives an added boost upon feedlot arrival. A comfortable environment paired with Zinpro nutrition solutions, levels the playing field so cattle can recover quicker without sacrificing profit, performance and productivity.  

Transform Feedlot Performance with Our Team of Experts

When partnering with Zinpro, you have the opportunity to better manage stress and optimize performance from the very start when receiving calves. Proven feedlot nutrition gives the boost calves need for improved health and performance and increased profitability.  

Contact a Zinpro beef expert to discuss the right steps to set your cattle up for a successful future.