Zinpro® ProFusion® Drench

Significantly Improve Trace Mineral Status in Times of Stress

Zinpro® ProFusion® is the market leading drench, designed to provide a multi-day supply of trace minerals and other nutrients often depleted during times of stress such as weaning, shipping, receiving, vaccination and health challenge.

Zinpro ProFusion® Drench has been shown to improve calf trace mineral status within 48 hours of administration – without the need for a script or injection – resulting in calves that spend less time in the sick pen and are more productive and profitable for the yard.

Ensure Successful Treatments in Calves

Sick calves have to work twice as hard as healthy ones to get back to optimal production status. Incorporating Zinpro ProFusion Drench into sick treatment protocols has shown to reduce the number of repulls and ultimately death loss at the yard.

“Just like anybody else in the industry we are short on time and short on labor. The way that products like Zinpro ProFusion Drench help us is by not creating extra work. They save us time, they save us money, they save us labor and for that we are grateful”

Jeremy Martin Ph. D.
Great Plains Livestock Consulting

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