Zinpro® Profusion® Drench and Zinpro® Profusion® Paste

Reduced mortality, stronger immunity, and improved wellness for your cattle. Peace of mind for your business. Zinpro Profusion products provide a multi-day supply of essential trace minerals and other nutrients depleted during weaning, shipping, receiving, vaccinating, and other times of stress.

Trace minerals are essential for proper immune function and vaccine efficacy, but stress events can deplete cattle of critical trace mineral stores. Acute stress events may also lead to depressed appetites, and research has shown that only 65% of healthy calves and 50% of sick calves will consume feed within 48 hours of arrival at the feedyard (Hutcheson and Cole, 1986). Designed for use in cow-calf, stocker, and feedlot operations, Zinpro Profusion has proven to significantly improve trace mineral status within 48 hours of administration, making it ideal for times of stress when cattle are prone to go off feed.

Made with Zinpro® ProPath®, our premium line of trace minerals for superior uptake and absorption, Zinpro Profusion nutritional supplements put your animals on the path to performance.

Contact your Zinpro Sales Representative for more information about how Zinpro Profusion can help your animals and your operation excel.

Caution: Follow label directions. The addition to feed of higher levels of this premix containing selenium is not permitted. DO NOT FEED TO SHEEP. Zinpro is not liable for any damage or death due to improper administration.

Note: Not all products are available in all markets. Please contact a Zinpro representative using the Let’s Connect button at the top of the page to learn more.


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