Zinpro Announces Farm Animal Series

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN, December 10, 2020—Zinpro Corporation, the industry leader in performance trace mineral nutrition, announces an exclusive collection of artwork by eight Black artists, entitled The Farm Animal Series.  The series depicts nine different farm animals, each one more creatively done than the next.  The work is currently on display at its corporate headquarters in Eden Prairie. 

Cow, by Jerry, is part of The Farm Animal Series. Jerry is a graffiti artist living and working in Port-au-Prince.

Commissioned exclusively by Zinpro as one of several planned investments in elevating Black families and communities, the collection focuses on the expressive work of eight talented and renowned Haitian artists. 

Each artist continues to enjoy growing international recognition through their exhibitions in venues from the Venice Biennale, to exhibitions in Havana, Paris, Barcelona, Montreal, China, Switzerland and Senegal.

Following the unrest in Minneapolis earlier this year, in which a spotlight was shined upon the state of Minnesota, Zinpro felt compelled to create this collection, to connect its staff and its global agriculture community through art. 

In addition to the depiction of a farm animal, be it a chicken, horse, pig or cow, each artist contributed a short text in honor of Black Lives Matter.

Iris Lahens, has been painting for more than 30 years

“As human beings, all of us should feel that we are one. Skin color or any specific characteristic just means that we are unique but still part of the whole. As an artist, I personally feel that we are the universe, because by creating we have access to the source, and we do understand that we are all part of this source.  The universe does not have a skin color.  What is not normal is the necessity to prove it. And fight for it.

Unfortunately, it seems that fighting for that is irrelevant in 2020. My work of the sheep shows a girl who is floating in this world with animals, stars and other symbols.  She is telling us that when we embrace life, we are one with the universe and that is why she is just love and joy” – Iris Lahens

Faced with the challenges of engaging employees with an office that is closed, Rob Sheffer, President and CEO of Zinpro Corporation, jumped at the opportunity to stimulate conversations through art. Even tough ones.

“Today’s work environment needs to be places of inspiration. This collection of art brings a strong sense of a bold and vibrant expression of color not typically seen in a corporate office.” said Sheffer.  

Sheffer, having already shared an online e-catalogue with employees, got his wish for engagement.  The appreciation for the art and the conversations, especially the more difficult ones, have started and will continue.  The Farm Animal Series will remain on permanent display at the Global Headquarters in Eden Prairie. Zinpro has regional sales offices in 11 countries and markets its products in more than 70 countries worldwide.