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Achieve the Four Pillars of Swine Production

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Opportunity remains abundant in swine production. Despite the challenges we face as an industry, our future is bright, and we can capitalize on the opportunities in front of us by working together.

In the last decade alone, producers have adapted to challenges that were previously unknown and unimaginable at the time. Through innovation, partnership and dedicated effort, our industry has continued to adapt and succeed. Moving forward, we’ll encounter additional challenges not previously seen and the same adaptive, innovative, and collaborative mindset we’ve used will continue to propel us through an era of new challenge and opportunity. Together we work to achieve better health and wellbeing for animals and people.

The complex challenges we face in today’s production environment call for comprehensive, multifaceted solutions with a holistic strategy. In live production this call for approaches that incorporate health management, nutrition and effective animal husbandry skills to successfully address and overcome hurdles we face.

Trace minerals are essential for the health and livability of pigs in every phase of production. They are a vital piece of a comprehensive nutrition and management plan to build sustainable success. As your partner, we are committed to continuous improvement and serving generously on this journey so that you can overcome tomorrow’s challenges with solutions that improve system efficiency and profitability; from the farrowing room to the finisher.

We can all agree; robust pigs are more productive pigs that are equipped to have a strong finish in each phase of production, all of which allow us to raise pork more responsibly. Using the same data-driven, service-minded and value-focused approach we have always used, we are excited to show you how we can support your business goals in new ways with The Four Pillars of Swine Production.

Improving Performance in Every Phase of Swine Production 

Robust Pigs

Robust pigs are healthy pigs and healthy pigs maximize system productivity. Robust pigs are better equipped to overcome challenges quickly and with greater success. They are more able to cope with diseases and thrive in challenging environments, resulting in increased throughput and potentially less need for antibiotic interventions; from the sow farm to the nursery through grow-finish. Small improvements in health and livability have significant economic return for any production system.

Productive Pigs

Margins in the pork industry are variable and productive pigs are the key to achieving a healthy, profitable system. Examples include:

  1. A sow that has greater lifetime productivity.
  2. A weaned pig that transitions to feed more effectively and with greater intake.
  3. A finishing pig that markets days sooner with greater efficiency.

When we make a pig more robust, and consequently more productive, we improve the productivity and profitability of the enterprise.

Strong Finishers

A strong finish in each production phase is needed for system success, and each strong finish begins with a strong start. For a sow to have a strong finish as a voluntary cull past parity 6, she must start with healthy feet and legs and a strong immune system so that she can maximize the number of pigs weaned in her lifetime. A nursing pig that effectively transitions weaning and maximizes feed intake in can have a strong finish to nursery phase with greater livability and heavier exit weights. A strong finisher pig is resilient and has experienced efficient growth, allowing it to maximize system revenue returns. A strong finish to each production phase is critical for success in the next.

Responsibly Raised Pork

Environmental sustainability, social concerns and meeting consumer demands are all issues the pork industry faces. As stewards of animal health, we are committed to helping our customers raise pork responsibly throughout each phase of production. This means working to overcome challenges to produce wholesome pork that always prioritizes the health and wellbeing of pigs.

Achieve The Four Pillars With Us 

With over 50 years of supporting our customers’ business goals, we continue to partner with industry experts to build customized, comprehensive solutions to better the performance and wellbeing of animals. Our swine species experts, R&D teams, technical service experts and research-proven solutions will continue to focus on helping our customers achieve robust and productive pigs that finish strong, all of which contribute to raising pork responsibly. Join us in discovering how we can advance performance together.  

To learn more about The Four Pillars of Swine Production, visit our website and check out the video!